Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday. My BIS expired and I've not had access to a computer with internet access. So sorry guys. This won't happen again.

I'm from a family of five of which I am the first child. We were formerly four kids but my immediate younger sister died 16 years ago. We still miss her but God has been faithful.
My father is the typical African man and embodies most of what I want my husband to be. He is the provider and he takes great pride in it and would nor tolerate any usurping of his position. He's my role model. We are both lawyers and I call him my business partner. He calls me 'flagship' a very unfun nickname but I'm his first child. He's a wonderful man and the best father EVER.
My mum is the lynch pin that holds the family together. She's a strong, praying woman whose goal in life is to raise successful, Godly and loving children and I think she has achieved that. My mum and I didn't always get along but as I've gotten older, we've become the best of friends. She's the epitome of the virtuous woman. Prayerful, loving, strong, dedicated, strict and all that good stuff. She inspires me to be a better woman and person in general.
My sister is a cheeky little monkey. She's fly, fabulous and fun. There's never a dull moment with my sister. We have our moments that we don't get along cos she's a monkey, but I love her pieces. Plus she has great shoes I always get to borrow. It is fun to have a sister that wears your shoe size and cardigan size too *huge shit eating grin*. She is so ambitious, it is scary. I love it cos if you don't have drive, what then do you have? She keeps me on my toes.
My brother is another cheeky monkey. He's so painfully cool and stylish. He gives me so much jokes and he's the go to guy for movies, series and songs. I love my brother because he's just so sensitive and sweet. He will go out of his way to make his sisters comfortable. I think he will make some girl a great husband someday if he can rein in his temper.
We are a relatively close family unit even tho we don't get to spend a lot of family time together cos we have extended family living with us. I enjoy spending time with my family and I miss them a lot when I'm not with them. We talk for hours and hours and age, time and distance melts away when we are kicking it. I love my family and I couldn't have asked for a better one.


  1. do have a lovely family...

  2. How nice, I wonder what Ngor, my sister would say about me....:D


  3. So sweet, small families are nice.


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