Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Blog

Hi guys.
So I took the plunge and started a new blog called Naija Church Girl(NCG) *Naija Bank Girl sorry for the blatant theft of your name* Lol. CherryChatter will not suffer...I repeat...CherryChatter will not suffer. Like I said on my maiden post on NCG, it is not for split personality purposes either. The new blog is dedicated solely to charting my christian growth, trials, triumphs, questions, insecurities, just anything related to my christian life. I don't want the development to get lost or just seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things as they unfold on CherryChatter.
My trepidation in starting this blog was palpable but I really want to see how and where it goes.
Please support the new blog. I would appreciate it.

So I'm bi-blogial now!


  1. Lol @ "bi-blogal" Now following your new blog.

    Hope to get inspired by and by

  2. Madame, I cannot find the follow button on your new blog ooo. How do you expect me to follow you naa?

  3. hahahaha, trust u to find a word for it..."bi-blogial" ehn?

  4. Lol. Abi now. 2 blogs = Bi-blogial. Feel free to use it. Maybe my next project should be creating a dictionary. Madam @ilola, follow button now up and running. no vex

  5. heheheh bi-blogial indeed!!!! That's my new word for the day.

  6. Stumbled here...
    Couldnt help but notice the misspelt new acronymn - NGC instead of NCG...
    DOnt mind me, correct it while I check the follow button out


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