Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day 16: Adult Christmas Fun

I love Christmas!!!!!! Jesus's birthday, amean, what's not to love??? I love Jesus and I love's the perfect holiday for me.

Adulting is super hard and sometimes one needs to cut back and have a bit of fun. What better time to have fun than during Christmas, eh? The problem is that everybody seems to be falling over themselves to entertain kids. There's all sorts lined up for kids during Christmas like it isn't good enough for them to get almost a month off school *rme*. No one thinks of the grown ups who have been worked to the bone during the year. We also need to be entertained! 

This Christmas, I was planning not to go home to Lagos, I was going to spend Christmas with my friends and knock about the capital  city but I've been cajoled. I had thought of what I'd do or like to do during Christmas and I want to share some of my thoughts on fun adult activities to get into over Christmas. 


1. Caroling 

I think Caroling is tons of fun. I don't have the best voice but I'll lend it to a spot of caroling. Some church women carol round my estate from time to time. You know they are giving us Christmas hits like "E lu agogo" and "Keresimesi tu ma de o". It'll be nice to have a young, hip, alternative belting out 8 days of Christmas, This Christmas, Santa Baby etc. So if you have quirky friends or loads of siblings, this is a great activity for Christmas 

2. Cookie Decorating Party

I got this idea from the TV show; New Girl. I like to dabble in baking tinz from time to time. So if you like to bake or just enjoy giving things a go and were planning on having a little party for yourself over the holidays, you should definitely throw a cookie decorating party! I suspect it could be a fantastic ice breaker: people that can't decorate to save their lives, people who put rude things on the cookies, people who just give up, people who steal other people's cookies. It would be quite cute and fun and a great way to get talking to strangers.  

3. The Amusement Park

When was the last time you went to an amusement park? Most of us went as children and I've only been twice as an adult. If you get a bunch of folks together, you all could go and be a bunch of agbayas at the amusement park. I actually will do this over Christmas. A friend recommended it. She did it last year and had a most wonderful time. 

4. Spreading Christmas Cheer

This is not exactly fun, more like a sobering reality of the times we live in. It's a pretty tough time in the country generally. Spreading Christmas cheer is a great way of demonstrating the actual spirit of the season. Getting together with friends to organise charity runs, food drives, soup kitchens, etc could put the fun back in the season. You could also arrange to visit IDP camps, hospitals, orphanages etc to bring them some Christmas cheer. 

5. Christmas Themed Movie Night

I LOVE Christmas movies. Most of them are silly, of course, but that's ok. Staying in and watching a bunch of Christmas movies is a budget friendly and all encompassing activity that one can do with siblings, friends, kids, le boo etc. A lovely movie, a nice Moscato, some plantain chips, a bed and I'm golden! If you're looking for an activity to do with a bunch of friends that doesn't really involve going anywhere, inhaling second hand smoke, having drinks spilled on you or dealing with the policemen that will inevitably line the streets during the yuletide season, let out your inner child and turn this into a pyjama/sleepover potluck party. 

These are my recommendations for fun, adult things to do during Christmas. Any other suggestions Will you try any? Let me know.


  1. I am stealing your Christmas Themed Movie Night recommendation; however, I need to find that le boo to watch with...

    1. Cool! I hope you went for it. How did you get on? Did God provide le boo? So many questions!!!!! Hope you come back and answer. Lol. Happy new year!


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