Saturday, April 9, 2011

A waste of lives

This post was not the post I had intended to put up for this week but a vile and terrible thing has happened in this country that has hurt me so deeply and I needed to express myself and vent a little.
I am so saddened by the news that an INEC office was bombed in Suleja and 8 members of the National Youth Service Corps were killed in the blast. I am so angry and upset. In a country where we are all sensitized to election violence and killings, I am more affected by this because I'm a 'youth corper' myself. What kind of people go about hurling bombs into offices where you know other People's children are? Politicians have a lot to answer for. You want to kill other People's kids in order to make a good life for your own kids? I do not believe God operates in that way. Surely, you and your generation even up till the 10th generation must reap this death and destruction you have sown. How dare you take lives just to fuel your unholy, godless, vile, self seeking and corrupt ambition? May the perpetrators of this heinous crime die heinous deaths. You've snuffed out the lives of innocent young people at the cusp of begining their lives without any care for the effort and sacrifice of their parents. All sacrifice and efforts of these evil and despicable perpetrators and their their sponsors in EVERY facet of their lives will end up in vain and in tears. They will toil and will not reap rewards. What a bunch of cowardly bastards! Are you so afraid of the will of the people that you go about wrecking havoc? I just want to get my hands on one of these perps and rip him apart from limb to limb. This is a terrible country. We pray night and day for the redemption of these destructive souls but I'm tired of praying FOR you. The time has come to pray AGAINST you. If you refuse to heed the word of God, then your destruction is imminent. As they've caused me tears and caused the families of these departed souls tears, things of sorrow will never depart from their lives in Jesus' name. I'm so sick of it all. We are not in a war yet we use bombs on one another just to move ahead in life????
And for the useless security agencies, go on and carry out your mockery of an investigation. We all know you will not unearth anything cos you were probably in on it in the first place. But one thing we Nigerians have is God on our side and now more than ever, he will be with us in this fight to regain control over our leadership.

For those that died, you died heroes. You paid the ultimate price for the restoration of faith in the electoral process. A call came up and you answered. You did what most of us shied away from when asked. For that you are immortalized if not anywhere else, on this blog. I sympathize with your families and I pray God grants them the fortitude to bear their losses. May your honorable souls rest in peace.

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  1. Be still, dear. Last i checked, God is still alive and He is watching. Where we are powerless to do anything, He will take charge. I feel this post..i feel you pain!


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