Tuesday, April 19, 2011

See political mumu!

Presently,various parts of Nigeria are on fire. People are being killed, lives and properties are being destroyed. Why? Because a mostly free and fair election was conducted on Saturday; 16th April 2011. Who are the disgusting perpetrators? Political mumus. Why must an illiterate few hold an enlightened masses to ransom??? Only in a country like Nigeria will a few want to silence the voices of the masses. And how are they going about it? Not through peaceful demonstrations or dialogue but through the use of sheer terror, violence and intimidation. So much so that it has now turned to a religious thing with neighbors blaming other neighbors for the election of a Christian man and killing them because of the type of faith they practice. Let's leave the religion aside and go to what stands as the genesis of this problem.

Goodluck Jonathan won the presidential elections under the umbrella of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in what is being hailed as the most democratic process since June 12 many moons back. I am not a fan of the PDP party and I hold them responsible for the failing state that Nigeria has become since the transfer from military to democratic rule. However, I am proud of the Nigerian people for the great feat they managed to achieve and for showing that WE the electorate are not ignorant and you cannot bend us to your will but rather bend to ours. Nigerians went out on the 16th of April and voted by considering the issues and the candidate not by doing the traditional thing of voting kinsmen or party. Jonathan is not the best of the best but in the city of the blind men, the one eyed man is the king. Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, having considered other candidates, the man was elected by an overwhelming majority. The results showed that the man that came a close second; Buhari, won in most of the Northern states so it stands to reason that there really was no rigging in those zones.

These killings and destruction are due to the fact that we do not have any spirit of sportsmanship in this nation. We are a "my way or the highway" type of people. The ability to congratulate the victor and try again has been eroded by the do or die spirit that surrounds our politics. It is so sad. I find it disturbing that a bunch of idiots, illiterates and never do wells will take to the streets in the name of protest to kill people that have nothing to do with the process and target corps members that were co-opted into assisting in the conduct of a fair election. These barbarian bastards are now chanting "manipulation of votes" These bloody idiots cannot even spell Manipulation!!! How were the votes manipulated? In favor of who? Your candidate that won in your respective states? Lack of common sense is a serious disease and we must pray it out of Nigeria. I have friends that are stuck in Kaduna right now and living in fear of their lives all because someone started a Chinese whisper of manipulation of votes.

Are these unjustified killings being done in the name of God? I don't even know why I'm wasting my time to write this post. The people it is addressed to cannot read. But I'm just wondering why you will let a so called big man whisper shit into your ear and send you forth with a machete to do his bidding. Why isn't he doing his dirty work himself? Where are his sons and daughters in this so called struggle? You are a bunch of fools to waste your lives and the lives of others for a stupid cause. The North is not the only part of Nigeria and we will not be forever dancing to your tunes. My friend Y.O said that to her, amalgamation was the biggest mistake made with Nigeria. We enjoy a lot of benefits being one country but the periodic loss of large human capital is making those benefits so unworthy. You, the protesters/murderers are pawns in the hands of those you seek to protect. Therefore you are a what.....? A POLITICAL MUMU! Shege!!!

For the fucktard politicians aiding these killings. There is life after this one. Choose where you want to spend your afterlife wisely. The blood of the innocents are on your heads and those of your children and their blood will cry out for justice. I spit on you and I curse you with all my being. You are a scourge to this nation and my mission from now till the end of the year is to pray for slow and painful deaths for all of you. I know my God is able.

May the Lord pour his balm of Gilead on Nigeria to soothe the hurts of this nation. May he help us and keep us and our loved ones throughout these turbulent times. God bless Nigeria!


  1. GBAM!!! Babe!! It's as if you can read my mind. All you've said here, i've said it!! GBAM GBAM!!

    May God continue to keep us safe. This is so sad. For once, we are taking things in the right direction and then a group of people just start this. So sad. God help us!!


  2. I agree with you totally that nigerians esp the illiterate imbeciles have no spirit of sportsmanship at all.with every contest there must be a loser and a winner!we cannot always have our way!they need to either get educated or get d hell out of the country for the sane and enlightened ones that want progress in d land!

  3. This is a step in the right direction for our democratic process, my sisters. We just need a lot of help from God to cement democracy and its ideals in the hearts of illiterates and the die hards that use them to wreck havoc

  4. My sentiments exactly! its got to a point where northern nigeria just disgusts me so badly! It is so sad what illiteracy and poverty cause humans to do. And as for those northern religioous leaders and politicians aiding the murderers.. only God will judge them


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