Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 7: Seat Mates

I'm impressing even myself with my commitment to this challenge o. If my blog could speak, it'd ask if someone promised me money with how I'm doing must-to-must-to with this blogging of a thing.

Anyways, day 7 is going to be short.

I'm traveling today and I got to wondering why whenever I travel, I never wind up with a hot/interesting/famous or something seat mate on the plane. Well...I know why I never end up with a famous seat mate...because cattle coach. But why not hot and/or interesting? Who did I offend?  I always end up with the nursing mother with a crying baby or the gentleman with a hacking cough (6-10 hours of kawkwakwaKAKAKAKAKAKAmmmhuuumppppKAKAKAKAKAKA....Fads Lud! ) or the arm rest thief or the leg space bandit or the oversized man whose hips I have to carry on my lap all the way to my destination for whom getting out of his seat so I can go to the bathroom is a community effort or the elderly couple who I'm loathe to disturb because...well brought up or the boring talkative man with a serious case of halitosis. Again...who did I offend?

I've only sat next to an age appropriate, relatively interesting g but not hot young man, once in my entire life and I practically fly for a living this one that I've been coming to Lagos like someone is dashing me tickets.

Anyways, as I go tonight, pray with me that  the Lord will cause me to have a decent seat mate. This seat mate curse must be broken. I am tayad. 


  1. I will be at the Pearson airport waiting for you

  2. I sat right in front of this guy who kept singing with this beautiful voice but I was too engrossed with the gbeborun i was doing with mom that i was almost irritated guy was singing and disturbing us. As we were disembarking, I finally saw it was Timi Dakolo *face-palm*

  3. Asin i am superly surprised by this commitment. You're now impressing me to go and dust the cobweb on my blog but i don't care for who's sitting beside me cause i like my peace when i'm on a flight..just me my thoughts and i


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