Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 6: Five of My Favorite Love Songs

I am excited to present to you, my lovahs, day six!!!!!!

So today, I will be taking you on a musical journey. These kinds of posts give me joy because I absolutely love my music and I think it gives more of an insight to who I am when I share the things I enjoy listening to. So, I''m considering doing more of these musical posts as we go along in the writing challenge. What do you think?  

Anyways, let's get into five of my favorite love songs. Enjoy.

1. Can you stand the rain - New Edition

I LOVE New Edition so much!!! To me, this was a super group. The group produced a sub group and three accomplished solo artistes. This group was also instrumental to birthing it is a super group, second only to the Jackson Five, in my personal opinion. Enough fangirl-ing over NE. Can you stand the rain is such a beautiful song that uses the rain as a metaphor for relational challenges. Beautifully written and beautifully sung. Also, enjoy the 80s fashions. Lol.

2. Caught up in the rapture - Anita Baker

Anita Baker is a musical BEAST!!!!!!! Her voice is hot chocolate with a lemon drop chaser. I am absolutely in love with her. This song was my go to comfort song during my masters. I love the message of the song: fidelity, togetherness and forever. This is what these songs were about back in the day and it was a great message. Is it weird that the generation that grew up on the love songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s managed to stay together whilst the generation that grew up calling women hoes and bitches, are not? Is there a correlation between the message being put out and its impact on marriage or am I reaching? Anyway, beautiful song with a killer delivery. 

3. All the things your man won't do - Joe

Joe...this is one of the most slept on artistes in R'n'B history. Joe was the original Mr. Steal Your Girl and this song is a prime example. Joe was THAT dude...the one your girl tells you not to  worry about but the minute you mess up, he's sliding in her bed and giving her the premium D. Lmao!!!! I love Joe and hate that he is so underrated. Joe stays wanting to take care of and do right by women but respecting that they are still with their douchey boyfriends but all na I don't even know if I should call this one a love's more of a home wrecking song but with the best of intentions. And Joe is so low-key nasty, I love it! I remember how my eyes popped when I finally realized what he meant by "take me to the subway, I''ll go down". Oooohhhhh *fans self*. Mr. Joe, did the damn thing on this song. 

4. 'Cause I love you - Lenny Williams 

It is rumored that during the studio recording of this song, Lenny Williams actually cried the whole time on the track. This is what love songs were...songs about actual love and hurt people felt. This song was released in 1978. No songwriters, nothing. Just a man, a mic and his feelings. It is a beautiful and heartfelt song and it is one of my absolute favorites.
Kindly note, the actual song finishes around the 3:24 mark, if  you want to move on with your life. The rest of the video is him doing that seventies thing where they think we want to hear the music and also listen to gist, so he talk for a bit and just does a couple of runs. So you can skip those after the 3:24 mark or listen. The choice is yours but you've been duly warned.

5. You were meant for me - Lalah Hathaway 

I thought I'd add some 'new school'in the mix so I'm sharing this simple but extremely moving and beautiful song with you. It is a woman appreciating her man and the love shown to her. I think that is so beautiful. And Lalah's voice here...there are just no words! Her voice adds a certain je ne sais quoi to what should have otherwise been a "not much" song and takes it to another level. Again, it is a fantastic message with a superb delivery. 

These are some of my favorite songs. What are some of yours and/or do you have anything you'd recommend I listen to?


  1. 1st song, loovvveee! Joe is that guy. Love him too and say no more about Anita.
    I have have check out the last two though

  2. Aunty, your taste in music is 👌
    Love Joe

  3. I knew i liked you for a reason now i know why....i'll always be a lover of old school jams...the days when the words in a song had proper meaning and not all these bum bum songs they have going these days.


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