Friday, November 4, 2016

Day 4: An Excerpt

Day 4! We move!!!!!!

So you may or may not know that one of my biggest dreams is to publish a novel. I'm presently writing two simultaneously: one is a saccharine-sweet (I do say so myself) mills & boons-esque  romance and the second is my take on how idealism dies a slow death when faced with the "Nigerian condition".

The excerpt I'm sharing today is on the latter. I'm struggling with whether or not to keep writing the romance novel (I'm a couple of chapters in on that one, btw) and focus on this one. But before I put in any more effort, I will share an excerpt with you and you can tell me if it interests you.

A quick synopsis: The book follows a guy who packs in his job in the private sector to try his luck in government and how he copes with the transition and the toll it takes on his ideals.

With that being said, I present a brief excerpt:

“Kazeem where is the BOT agreement since morning?!” bellowed Chief Muyiwa  Akanni DaCosta from the second floor of the Law Office. It was telling that his barbaric screams did not even generate a flinch from the juniors below stairs. It, however, served to jerk Kazeem out of his furious clicking and clacking as he struggled to review and redraft a 90 page agreement in the thirty five minutes or so it was given to him to work on. 

Chief  Muyiwa Akanni DaCosta as he prefers to be addressed, but known to his minions as ‘Chief’, was sorely lacking in the golden virtue of patience and his frequent yells and outbursts were common place. Everyone was used to it but they all prayed it wasn’t directed at them. Kazeem was clearly in the doghouse today.

“It is almost ready, sir” Kazeem gulped as he pondered…since morning??? When did thirty five minutes become an entire part of the day???

“What do you mean almost?”Chief replied still above stairs and bellowing down

“Yes sir. I am just adding some final clauses and I was going to send it up sir”.

Gbim, gbim, gbim, went the sound of pounding footsteps belying Chief’s attempt to run down the stairs with his huge girth. If Kazeem was not aware that Chief’s race against life spelt doom for him, he would have felt sorry for the stairs.

“Kazeem, I am becoming sick of your inefficiency” Chief panted and yelled at the same time due to his impromptu exertion. “I told you that this document had to be transmitted today and you are telling me adding clauses. You are just full of empty words with an empty head” he shouted.

“But sir…”Kazeem attempted trying to point out that Chief had all but forgotten about the document, till he received a phone call from the Director of Public-Private Partnership a few minutes ago.

“My friend will you shut up. If you can’t deliver you better leave this job. There are thousands of you out there looking for work. I am doing my best to train you and you are not even able to deliver. Common contract is taking you all day to work on. In fact…HR!!!!!!!!” he screamed, calling for the Human Resource Manager for the Firm who was known simply as ‘HR’ sending the middle aged woman scuttling into the room, bent over with years of subservient kow-towing  to Chief.

“Yes, Chief” HR answered.

“Ehen, HR, this boy is not ready to work today. If he does not complete his review of this agreement in ten minutes, you are to deduct forty five percent of his salary for this month”

“Yes Chief” HR replied and scuttled away

Chief turned on his heels and walked away. At this point, all mouths were agape in the work space. Kazeem couldn’t meet the eyes of his colleagues. He could sense the mixture of horror and pity in their eyes as he steadily fixed his on his computer. He was valiantly fighting hot tears from the embarrassment and injustice of it all. If he was oyibo, he would have been beet red, thank God for charcoal skin. It was certain that he was losing forty five percent of his salary this month, which salary he had already spent before it was paid. 



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