Sunday, October 2, 2016

#30WriteNowChallenge - Day 1

I am blinded by the dust and cobwebs on this page s per usual.

Hi y'all. It's been absolute ages.

So you all know that it is widely believed that it takes thirty days to form a habit. Well, I am right now, trying to re-form a habit and reignite my love for writing.

On twitter, a writer named Nicole Blades (@NicoleBlades) issued a writing challenge; asking interested writers to write for at least thirty minutes non-stop everyday in October. The challenge is to get you to write non-stop without editing for at least thirty minutes. This is great because a lot of times as writers, we get in our own with editing during the writing process. Let me speak for myself actually: I get in my own way a lot with editing during the writing process.

I'm grateful for this challenge because I had lost interest in writing  (more on that later, maybe).  As I've been writing a book as well (well, barely writing the book TBH), this is a badly needed kick up the backside.

In view of the fact that I want to maximize this challenge, here's how I intend to run it. I will alternate between writing on the blog and writing my book. For everyday I don't write on the blog (15 in total) I will post an excerpt of what I've written on my timeline to keep me accountable. If you're not following me on twitter, please do @cherrywine26.

So this is day one for me...twenty nine more to go. 

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