Friday, April 10, 2015

Vlog Channel?

Hello honey bunches!

It's been almost 2 months since I last posted. My laziness has reached an all time high. Or perhaps, I'm not inspired any more. Either ways, I find it totally frustrating. I open this page to blog, then I close it back up again. I just can't bring myself to write anything!!! Which is why I must salute Atilola and Sisi Yemmie; two of the most consistent bloggers to ever do it! I don't know how you do it, but (in Jamaican Patois) RESPECK MUUN!

So, I've been thinking of turning vlogger for sometime now.
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Why would you want to be a vlogger? Aren't you an anonymous blogger? Will you still be blogging? These are some of the FAQs that have come my way when I tell people that I am contemplating starting a vlog channel. So I will answer them now. Feel free to leave any other questions you  may have in the comments and I will answer each one.

1. Why I want to be a vlogger/have a vlog channel.

Many moons ago, and she may not remember she said this, but Toin had commented that I would make a great talk show host. So Toin, this one's for you. No! I'm kidding. But all my life, I've gotten comments on how great I would be hosting something on radio or on TV. I've always been a chatter box. I've always been a people person. Having this blog has showed me that I can reach people that have never even met me with my own brand of humour and give them my gist or tell them a story I came up with and they would absolutely get it! I love that you guys can vibe with me on here and I just want to explore another platform and see how that works for me. If people think I have hosting/MCing/Compeering in my blood, why not do it on my own terms and on my own platform? I hope with this little answer of mine, I have been able to adequately explain why I think I may want to start a vlog channel. Taink you.

2. Whether I am an anonymous blogger.

Well...yes and no.

I am inadvertently anonymous, I think. When I started this blog, the only people reading were family and friends. They knew who I was so I was by, no means anonymous. Imagine my great surprise, when people I didn't know started coming to the blog, reading AND commenting. THAT was a surprise. I didn't think anyone I didn't know would find anything I had to say interesting so I didn't even consider what my persona was; whether I was anonymous or nah. So I didn't start off wanting to be a character shrouded in secrecy. It just happens that people who read my blog do not know what I look like. So, that's that.

3. Whether I'd still blog if I start a vlog channel

Simply put... HELLS YEAHS!

This is where I found myself. Blogging saved me from myself on a a number of occasions, which is why it is frustrating when I can't write. But I am a blogger first and would always be.

So having said all of the above, what do you guys think? Will I make a good vlogger? Would you visit my vlog if I were to try my hand at vlogging? Do you have any tips and tricks for me on how to be a good vlogger? Will you contribute to a gofundme/kickstarter akant to buy me a camera for recordings? Hit me up. Have a lovely weekend. Oh and vote right, choose wisely, keep the peace and God bless Nigeria.


  1. Loooll. Yes, you are a good gister. Yes, you have very interesting stories. I'm thinking will you have enough time to be consistent? Sha don't be disappearing from the blog.

    Atilola's World

  2. lol........ Nice one

  3. I can't believe i am just commenting. Its a yay from me, your posts are very interesting and watching you speak is definitely going to be more fun!

  4. Can't wait to hear you speak either. Have you started yet? Sure yes from me ;-)

  5. Girl, i am still waiting for your vlog!


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