Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Accessory to die for!

Hiya guys and dolls! Happy New Year! Hope the New Year is shaping up to be just what you want it to be. I know I'm having a swell time. My year just started basically following an intense prayer program at the start of the year running for 12 days. I enjoyed every single day and I am grateful to God for His mercies that I've experienced in these few days.

So what do y'all think of the new page? I've gotten some positive comments, so I'm guessing it is quite pretty.

I've had a weird obsession lately. It is nothing creepy so relax.

I've found myself secretly enjoying the look of wedding bands on married men. I know, weird, right? I've never gone beyond using bands as identifiers for off limit men but now I am LOVING how it looks on men.

Think I'm crazy? Well check this out...

I have actually began to find rings on men extremely sexy, so much so that I am now checking for it and I'm often disappointed when I see a man of marriageable age without one. All attempts to ruin my viewing pleasure are met with a look of disgust and a "what life problems do you have that you are not married yet?" question written all over my face.

I'm not naive enough to believe that this does much in the 'keeping heifers at bay' department but I love it as an accessory. Also I think the male wedding band is not appreciated enough. It is just there: round, usually gold or silver, mostly plain, so no one accords it any respect. I, myself, like I pointed out, never gave it any second thought.  My dad has worn one for about 25 years of his 30 years marriage (the original one broke just after the wedding). It was just something that married men had. But I was always fascinated with my mum's rings.

 I just recently began taking note of wedding bands and I can tell you, that unassuming glint in the sun is the new sexy-back. It is better than any Armani suit or whatever. and it is a shame it is not more celebrated. It was easy to find promo pictures of men wearing wedding bands but not pictures of specific married men. I tried searching for John Legend's band to add him to my little collage and I couldn't find any. But I saw over fifty pictures of his wife's ring.

So this is my declaration: I am over wedding rings and I'm now officially a fan of the married man and his simple but elegant accessory. It just gives me such pleasure and I can't wait to see my husband rocking his own band.

Am I creepy and weird???


  1. You are weird not creepy but we love you still. I have actually never given a second thought to it. I'll be on the look-out

  2. LOL, thats not weird. Or at least i hope it isn't because i'm kinda the same way. I like to see men with wedding bands just for the aesthetic. Plain ones are cool but jazzy ones are even better lol. I just happened to catch a good glance at my boss' ring yesterday and it is very snazzy. But that doesn't really surprise me. He's a very sharp looking guy.

  3. It is actually a cool accessory, esp. the black gold ones....they are simply extremely attractive. And I'm liking the new's cool. I hope I'm able to navigate it well though.

  4. Oh! the new look! takes come getting used to but I like the crispness.
    hahahahaha I am always checking men out for accesories....rings no less...I t is coming tfrom the recesses of my mind that I actually pay attention to it cos I just realised that I can remember which of my married male friends have ridges on their rings and all

  5. Happy new year!

    I don't think you are weird or creepy probably because I watch out for me with rings too. :) I agree with yo its an elegant accessory.

    I like the new layout too!

  6. Lol. It actually looks nice on them, when you think about it.

    In other news, this dynamic view template is a set up o. It has more cons than pros, as you will come to find out later.

  7. LOL.. Love the post! Interestingly, I was recently thinking about men and wedding bands and how I love when a guys wears it.. Please I don't want a man who would say "I don't like wearing rings"..

  8. I notice men who wear rings too, and whether it looks cute, which it usually does. Happy New Year!

  9. We discussed it all. Dv, abuse,infidelity, sex, finances, in laws,disability etc.... you name it, we discussed it BEFORE marriage :-)

  10. My sister no be only you AT ALL. For as long as God-knows-when, I've always found wedding rings on men incredibly sexy and it's now weird for me that my brother has gotten married. Lol
    It sounds like you live in my head, sometimes.


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