Thursday, July 18, 2013

Excerpt: The Mercy

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E ma binu. It was work. Enough gist tho. I left my old job and I have now relocated to a new place to start a new-old job. You see that there is gist? Well, blogging will resume its usual course, once a week, every week, henceforth. 

I was so inspired today, I dusted the cobwebs off my second blog Naija Church Girl and wrote a post on God's mercy. I have an excerpt here and you may read the rest on the blog. CherryChatter posts will follow next week. 
Has anyone read Romans 9? In your spare time, please read verses 13-26 particularly verses 15-16. If you have read it, does it not just stop you dead in your tracks and make you question what you thought you knew about a walk with God.

Let's see what Romans 9:15 says:

 For He said to Moses, I will have mercy on who I will have mercy on and I will have compassion on who I will have compassion on.

I read this during my devotion today and to be honest, it was one of the scariest things I have read in the Bible. This verse is derived from God's conversation with Moses in Exodus 33:19. It was referred to by Paul in expounding on the overriding effect of God's decisions. If you go further and go to verse 16, Paul went on t o say, it is not to him who wills or to him who runs but of God that shows mercy. I tell you, these two verses frightened me. I got to the office today and I began reading up on what God was trying to show me by these scriptures. Before we get to that, let me let you in on my initial reaction.

When I read that God will show mercy to whomever He pleases, I knew instinctively, that the mercy would be given on a selective basis. I immediately wanted to know what the selection would entail. I discovered that though there was selection involved, THERE WAS NO ALLUSION TO A SELECTION PROCESS!!!!!! How weird is that? It would be easy to just assume that the selection is random, but knowing what we know of God, He is a deliberate and precise being. NOTHING  is ever random. Still there is no selection process. 

As a human, I have undertaken exams all my life. Nothing ever goes for nothing. The selection process for moving on to the next class was usually 48% and above, if memory serves. Displaying competency and aptitude at a new job would set serious contenders apart from those who never got invited for a second interview. Even with my parents, the selection process for a child that obtained favor (despite unconditional love) was proving yourself academically.With all these human pre-conditioning, it is quite easy to see how I jumped to the search for the pre-qualifiers for God's mercy. To my disappointment, there was none. My disappointment was further compounded by verse 16. I then began to panic. My thoughts were:
 "but Lord, you asked us to become born-again, I did.You asked us to shun sin, I try. You said we should be cheerful givers, I'm learning, why then will these not be taken into account to qualify me for Your mercy.? I think You have set humanity up to fail if You have pre-selected those who will obtain mercy."

Continued on Naija Church Girl

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