Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Living Single II

Warning: Some sexually explicit content. Readers’ discretion is advised.  If you are under 18 stop reading now. Also if you are my brother A or my sister W, DO NOT READ!!! I WILL KNOW YOU READ IT AND I WILL KILL YOU. DO. NOT. READ.  Every one else, happy reading. Lol.

Throughout the meeting, Miss Olorede kept peeking at me from under thick fringe of her long lashes. She had a knowing look in her eyes, like she knew I was in 7 shades of hell and her body was the only solution. She would smile when our eyes met and bite on her luscious and full lower lip, each contact between her lip and teeth had a direct line to my insurmountable erection and every time I thought I couldn’t possibly get harder, I surprised myself.
 I knew at that point that Wande Olorede was trouble, but trouble I was willing and desirous of getting into, pun intended. I would have bitch slapped my mother if it would have expedited the opening of the sesame. The meeting dragged on and on. I had taken Wande on every available surface of the board room, in  my head. When the meeting was drawing to a close, I willed myself to think disgusting thoughts to help ease the hard on between my thighs. I stood up sharply to shake hands with everyone. When I got to Wande, I proffered my hand and she took it in a sturdy grip looking straight into my eyes.
“Miss Olorede” I began “It is nice to make your acquaintance”
She just smiled.
“Could I have your business card ? I could send some business your fact, we are considering alternatives to our legal representation right now and I’d be happy to discuss what your firm could offer us by way of legal representation”
 “Excellent, Mr. Jessops” she replied “Our Client Relations Unit could send our profile to your head of legal”
 “No” I replied quickly “and call me Tade.  Here’s my card” I pressed my card urgently into her soft as sin palms “Forward your Firm’s profile to me and I will call you to discuss our options”. 
 I would have signed my Company up for a takeover at that point!  I knew she saw how desperate I was and she was just playing it cool.

She forwarded the profile and we started talking.  We talked for a few days, skirting around the issue of my desperately wanting her. I had to go back to America to check on my family. I told her I would be away for 2 weeks.  I still wanted her but my guilty conscience and the fact that we only talked on the phone was eating away at me and ebbing the desire a little and it was a tiny, little ebb, might I add.

On getting  to the States and seeing my wife and son, I declared within me that I would not do anything to jeopardize my family. Motun was much better and we were staying in a sub-let owned by my sister. We had a lot to talk about. Her job was offering her a position with higher pay but the position required that she move to Canada. She wanted me to weigh in on the offer. With my new resolve in mind, I flat out said no. I couldn’t make the move with them because of my business and I didn’t see why we should split the family up because of a job. She argued that it was a better job, she had a huge support system in Canada; her mum, step dad  and two older sisters lived in Canada, Kitan could go to great schools and the opportunity to apply for citizenship in a few years was also attractive. I was adamant in my refusal and she reluctantly agreed with me.

You know my new resolve....well... it lasted for all of four days.. I was going about my business, checking my emails when I received a mail from Wande. I thought it was the normal ‘hey how are you doing’ email. I opened the email and I had to look up quickly to ensure Motun was nowhere around. 
Wande had sent me a picture of herself with a vibrator disappearing into her, looking straight at the camera with a wink , with the caption: ‘Got Milk?’ I knew right then that it was all over.

To be continued...


  1. *hyperventilating* he should just respect himself and 'allow' the wife go to Canada, abeg. No point for her to lose in both ways.

  2. @Honeydame, abi o. Apparently, this is one battle he doesn't have the self-control of losing. That ad though, darrrnnnn, girl, you need to come back and finish this

  3. Like seriously!!!me I wee vex o hian...dis suspense is enough.

  4. There is hope. He didnt do it. Hw wouldnt do it. He couldn't have done it. Binding Wande from here.. get thee behind him.


  5. Is there still a continuation to these story?its been a while now.

  6. Confessions of an imbecile!


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