Friday, August 3, 2012


It's finally here!!!
My giveaway!!!!
I'm sure @ilola thought I had sold the books to groundnut sellers as wrapping paper fodder...well, I haven't. I have just been wracking my brain to come up with a fab giveaway idea and my darling cousin FA gave me a brilliant idea. You go ,gurl!#martinvoice

So I'm doing a giveaway of the fabulous 'Antonyms of a Mirage' written by our very own blog queen Atilola Moronfolu.

Trust me, you want this book.  I have 2 copies to give away and they've been personally autographed by @ilola herself. You can thank me later for getting you started on your @ilola collection when they become a collector's item and an autographed copy is going for  N10Billion; cos that's where she's headed.

So you want them books? Here's what you do:

This a full scale virtual treasure hunt. When you have correctly solved the riddles, please put up  youtube links of  video clips representing the answer. You can put it up on the comment page or email it to me at to win your copy of the fabulous book. The first two correct entries with the correct answers to the two riddles get the books. Please note, this competition is open to Lagos and Abuja residents only ...sowi.

Riddle 1:

CherryWine chart toppers:

-Not a big fan of anything smart
-The sun's been SUPER bright lately, no?
-John Legend ain't got nuffin on my man right here

Riddle 2:

CherryWine blockbusters:

-Eyes you can literally swim in
-Rhymes with 'Really'
- Not the king of pop so  think like a man

Something to do over the weekend, eh? Don't say I don't do anything for you! Lol.

P:S: if you're unable to solve the riddle but you really want the book, please check out @ilola's blog for how you can get your hands on a copy (though it won't be kick ass-edly autographed like mine #justsaying)

Maybe I wasn't too clear on what I was expecting for the answers To give your answer, just copy the link address from your browser and paste it in the comment box or email it to me (preferably email so your answer will be known only to me and I can notify you of your winnings and arrange delivery) so all I need is I will then upload the answer on my blog, myself and announce the winners. Gerrit? I am waiting!


  1. Looool. This your riddle is wicked o. Are you sure you won't be giving the book to groundnut sellers at this rate?

  2. Cherry yaf come o. I know I've been disqualified but these riddles, I'd love to crack...

  3. @ilola: lol, me sef I fear so. The riddles aren't that hard na. But if I do have to go the groundnut seller route, I will save the autographs. Lol
    @Toin, you know that for you, I will make an exception. Have at the riddles and if you're right, I will dispatch my friend with a copy of the book to IB sharply

  4. This thing hard pass jamb and waec that year ooo.

    Will see if I can do it sha

    By the way, thanks for following... I'll follow back now. hugs

  5. Girl after my heart....This was too sweet to pass by.
    Had to take a crack at it.
    Here are your links
    Riddle 1:

    Riddle 2:


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