Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Giveaway Answers and Winners

Riddle 1:
CherryWine chart toppers:
-Not a big fan of anything smart
-The sun's been SUPER bright lately, no?
-John Legend ain't got nuffin on my man right here

The answer to this riddle is Stupid Song by Bez ft Praiz off the album 'Super Sun'. I think Bez is the best thing since sliced bread. He's so kooky and talented, it is unreal. I adore him and I've talked my sister's ear off about adoring him so many times that she pushed me into him at Muson centre when I was adoring, being a chicken about it and I was about to begin talking her ear off again. The best 2 minutes of  2011!! This video is pure awesomeness.  It has that 60s boy group feel. Very Temptations. Love eeet. Enjoy the video!

Riddle 2:
CherryWine blockbusters:

-Eyes you can literally swim in
-Rhymes with 'Really'
- Not the king of pop so  think like a man

I am totally in love with this person. He's been my dp and he currently takes pride of place as both my wall paper and lock screen image on my ipad. Without further ado, the answer to this riddle is.....drum roll please....Actor,  Michael Ealy. {My husband (you say delusional, I say blue eyes)}
Any preview of a movie he was in would have sufficed. He's pure hotness. You may ogle him in his new movie, Think like a man. Ahhhhh........Hotness!

The winners are Phoombie and Femi. Congrats guys.Your books are on the way. Enjoy them. Thanks to all those that tried. It was fun to see your answers.


  1. So some people actually answered this kind of questions? They must be spooky like you.

    Twas too hard joo. Anyway, congrats to the winners. I hope they enjoy the book

  2. Was that Chris Brown I saw in the video? I like Michael Ealy. I'll watch out for the movie.

  3. lol...

    that stupid song is an underrated classic!


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