Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WHEN, WHERE, HOW AND WHY OccupyNigeria by Azeenarh

I'm a bit upset that my first post in the New Year is a call to arms but I'm also very proud that a revolution is taking place and my peers are at the forefront of it.
I read a very intelligent post about the how and why of the protest and it just stoked my already burning fire. If you're interested in the protest and you want to be a part of it, please read this post on http://azeenarh.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/when-where-how-and-why-occupynigeria/ for a more concise rationale for the protest. Here's an excerpt from the post:

by Azeenarh Mohammed (@xeenarh)
(Closeted optimist, provocative writer)

The people are restless and the demands for a demonstration are loud. I am very happy to hear those calls, but once again I must call for caution. The events that took place at #EagleSquare in Abuja and other parts of the country yesterday the 2nd January 2011 only serves to buttress my point: we simply aren’t ready…YET.
What started out as a call by Dino Meleye to take down the names and details of volunteers eventually ended badly. Citizens were tear-gassed, bullied, chased, beaten & some where arrested. As I write this, some of them are still in custody. Although I am unhappy with these events, Japheth Omojuwa has pointed the glass as half full for me because the turn out was massive despite just having only 1 or 2 hours to mobilise.
But as much as we want to rush out and demonstrate, we have to do it with reason. Why not use the few days we have left to organise and prepare ourselves? Let me tell you why.

A written notice shall be delivered to the police, SSS, road safety and other relevant agencies stating the intention for a peaceful protest in accordance to Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with particular reference to Sections 33, 34, 35, 38, 39, 40 and 41 of the CFRN which will contain the date, time, where the protest will take place (from which streets it starts and to which it will convene) and the estimated number of people expected.
We shall not stoop to the level of fighting the security forces physically, with arms, or engage them in verbal arguments. They are first of all Nigerians and we have to remember that.
Protesters will not obstruct traffic, or antagonise people going about their normal business.
With crowds, absolute control can not be achieved but we must try our best. Violence is NOT an option. I repeat, violence is not an option. Let’s not give this people a reason to turn on us. A single life is too costly-and we’ve lost too many already. We can do it peacefully and we will. We are going to rely on the educated ones among us to broker & maintain peace in case a disagreement ensures.
We will ensure that every excuse used in the past to intimidate and harass citizens are minimised and if possible, completely extinguished. Hopefully, the police, army, civil defence and co will join us shortly.
Now remember, Mr President has said he is willing to risk civil disobedience by removing subsidy. This tells us that they are ready for us. We not only have to match their resolve, we have to beat them at it.

Please visit the blog for the conclusion of the post. We have to stand for something. It has now become clear that we have an insensitive, unsympathetic and removed from any sense of reality government. The time of mediocre government is now gone. Elected officials must recognise that we will not be brow beaten. A government that is willing to dialogue with terrorists whilst spitting in the faces of legitimate citizens is certainly not what we signed up for. Lives were lost to ensure the fair election that brought Mr. President to power and this is not how they should be honoured. I support the protests 110%. I stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who risked their lives and went out today to show the government that we mean business. My only plea is that we should ensure that the protests are peaceful so that lives are not lost. Martin Luther-King led a non-violent resistance that helped to end the biggest human rights infringement of our time. It is our turn to walk in his steps and show our leaders that we will not descend into the dung-hill with them. We mean business and we know how to achieve our goals as civilised people, living in a civilised society. Support the civil disobedience. If you cannot be physically present, send tweets, talk about it on Facebook, discuss it on other forums, if you're a blogger, please 're-blog'. Let our voices be heard. Nigeria is OURS.


  1. I really pray we are united in this cause and some people don't just watch put for their own selfish interest.

    Well done


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