Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life and times of lovelorn Lagos Sisis: Tinuke's Story Pt 2

Where did we last leave off?Oh yeah, the rape. After the rape, things went back to normal. Bear in mind that  I didn't even consider it as rape because, I reasoned, how can someone's boyfriend rape them? Rape was what unknown men did to unknown women. Boyfriends and husbands don't rape. I knew it was something but I didn't dare let my mind conceive it to be rape. See how uneducated our girl children are? Anyways, I digress.

2 months after the incident, I found out that I was pregnant. I was really scared but I assured myself that Kunle loved me and he had been so gentle since the incident took place. So summoning all the courage I had, I walked into our room where Kunle was playing his video game. After I had blurted out the dreaded "I am pregnant" I saw Kunle freeze for a nano second. The next thing I knew was that Kunle had sprung up to his feet and was now delivering blows to my midriff whilst repeatedly chanting "stupid bitch" over and over. Kunle rained blows on me for almost 20 minutes. As I lay prone on the floor, he stepped over me into the bathroom, came back, yanked my legs open, as I started to scream, I felt a soft and wet thing going up my thighs.  It was a wash cloth, I sat up a little bit and I saw blood. Kunle had in effect aborted my baby. He was crying again and begging me to forgive him. Yes people, dummy Tinuke forgave. This cycle of physical abuse, rape, pregnancies and abortions continued for 6 years. But I was convinced he loved me. I didn't tell anybody what was going on. It was mine and Kunle's business.

Kunle had left uni and started working. I was rounding up. The next step was marriage. I waited and waited for Kunle to propose. I wasn't seeing him as frequently because of the demands of his job. One weekend, I turned up at his house from school like I usually did to cook, clean and do his laundry. His friends all jokingly (or degradingly) called me his "fo'sho-se'be" which essentially means laundry man and cook.  He met me at the door and said "Tinu, I think you should stop coming here." I was stunned and I asked him what he meant. He said "I'm seeing someone else and we are talking marriage, it is not fair to you to keep coming here". I looked at him in disbelief for a while before instinct took over. I started screaming and asking how he could come to such a decision after all I had done for him. He had wrecked my life and left me hanging and that he would pay. Before I knew what was going on, he had pounced on me and started to physically assault me. But this time, things were going to be different. I fought back, scratching at his face and feebly attempting to slap him. In the scuffle that ensued,  he ended up pushing me down a flight of stairs. I blacked out and the next thing I knew was that I was in hospital with my best friend Joan, by my side. She said Kunle had called her and told her that I had attempted suicide when he broke up with me. Imagine the effrontery of that son of a diseased pig.  I ended up narrating the whole ordeal to Joan. She was so enraged, she suggested calling the police. I told her not to worry. I was going to handle this.

Kunle had taken my love and twisted it into something dark and ugly and he was going to pay dearly.

When the dust of our relationship settled, I had had 4 voluntary abortions and 3 involuntary ones and years of physical and psychological abuse. I went into the relationship a naive young girl at 18, I came out a bitter woman. I reassessed my values. I didn't want the things I used to want as a young girl anymore. If I am going to be used and abused, then I will do so for a substantial financial reward and on my own terms. No more no less. I am pretty and well mannered with the attributes Nigerian men look for so why not put it to good use. So you could say I inadvertently stumbled upon my business model.

 The Kunle issue is now 5 years ago. I am 30 now and I am running a lucrative "escort" business, I own a chain of saloons, I own a number of boutiques and one night club. I am in the process of acquiring a filing station. You could say I am on the up and up. But I am not in this business for just money, I'm in it more for power. I am high class. I don't dally with little bank boys, I am in it with the big time players this country has to offer. They know my worth. I am nothing to be sniffed at. They prefer to ship me off with them when they have to leave the country than to do without me. That's how important I am. My phone contact list reads like the who is who in Nigeria. So, tell me, if I am controlling the crown jewels of so many influential men in this country, what's love got to do with it? Love has never gotten off its lazy ass to pay any bills in my life. So love can piss off.

Remember I said I would deal with Kunle in my own way? Well I did. His boss is "well known to me" so I got him fired and jailed for fraud. In England, an arrested person is said to be "detained at the Queen's pleasure". Kunle is there at MY pleasure and I will ask for his release whenever I damn well please. I know a certain someone whose name rhymes with IGP.  I visited the prison just to let him know that hell hath no fury like a woman violently abused and subsequently dumped. The look on his face when he realized I was behind his ordeal was priceless. Whenever I have a bad day, I think back to that look and it gives me the giggles. I take the memory out of my memory bank and polish it like silver. I hear you saying vengeance is for the Lord, well I don't purport to know much about the bible. The Lord can still exact His vengeance. Kunle deserves a double.....nay....tripple helping of that, I think. But the first cut is the deepest and in spite of all I have gained, I still wonder what would have become of me if I had taken a different path in life and never met Kunle. I guess we will never know. So I need just 2 things in life, money and power and I have and will continue to go to every and any length to get it. Everything else can just get out of my way. I tried love once and it screwed me. So never again. Draw your own conclusions.


  1. The kunle guy no try at all o, he is a really sick devil but I blame tinuke for staying with him all these while.

    As for Tinuke, it is a pity she has let past hurts and diappointments mae her to continue ruining her future and that of others.
    No matter what happens, her actions will never fill the void that is so obvious in her life.
    She is an accident waiting to be happen and should be totally avoided

  2. Yaaay @ilola! Where have you been? Glad to have you back. As for the story, we all cope with hurt and pain in different ways and because of this story, I will not be so quick to point a finger at people anymore. People have really sick and disgusting pasts that they find really hard to get over and cannot be imagined by most of us. I can't imagine going through such violent abuse myself. It is sad. It may not justify what she does, but it somewhat explains it.

  3. Hmn, I think it's good we tal about abuse now cos it was more or less like a taboo to mention it before. I'll blame our society but 1 question, how did all these go on and her family didn't do anything? Anyway, one of the lesson I learnt dis year is to never judge people until you've been in dia shoes & walked better in it.

  4. siiiiixxxxx years???? even if the guy was holding her placenta sef. Yes exactly like Toinlicious said, no family, nobody who knew about it at least a little? She really went through hell

  5. I'm with Atilola here. Its painful if not 'annoying' to know a woman willingly went through 4 abortions for the same guy. Haba, what happened to contraception?
    She needs to talk to a therapist/shrink/experienced spiritual counsellor. From what i read Kunle is still controlling her actions now....revenge isnt a solid foundation to build one's life on.

  6. Is this a true life story? The girl must have been very naive to even believe kunle loved her for one bit lol.
    Glad to know she got pay back.

  7. Dis girl is rily sick,kunle is still controllin ha cos she is still bitter.Power n money can take u places but can neva give u peace n happiness.Try luv again


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