Thursday, March 3, 2011

CherryWine for BRF!

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Folks, CherryWine is going political this week! I've been wrapped up in the Lagos State Guber race. That's the only portion of this election that remotely interests me. The Governorship debate was held last night and my main man came out smelling of fucking roses!!!! He was floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. To be honest, it wasn't the fairest of debates, it was akin to Muhammad Ali knocking out a retarded kid; he could see him coming but didn't know to duck in time. Oh well, c'est la vie, suckers! If you can't handle the heat get the fuck outta the kitchen.
I've been accused of being a BRF groupie....well, I am. I was born and bred in Lagos and in all my years, this is the first time I've seen real change sweeping through Lagos, so forgive me for being perhaps a little bit over passionate about something *rolling eyes*
So this is my little contribution to the BRF movement. I have 10 reasons why you should support BRF and I hope these reasons will convince you and not confuse you that BRF is the man for the job. Here goes:

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. He is fit (For a slightly grey top)

. He is articulate

. He is an innovator

. He is a visionary

. He's done it before, he's doing it and he will definitely do it again. He's no Gbenga *i have no integrity* Daniel

. Look at the other talents. They are.....(How do I say this nicely)....MORONS

. He rocks a suit just as well as he rocks gym shorts (I've seen both....HOTTT!)

. His one liners are powerful; see for eg: "the problem is not their age but the age of their ideas" that's the gubernatorial equivalent of 'YO MAMA!'

. He will be voted back anyways, you might as well get with the programme and join the movement

. Did I mention that he's 'well' fit? A veritable hottie? Oh I did??? Ok *blushing*

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The only thing I have against him is that he supports Man United but I forgive him for even that which is a seriously heinous crime. Come to the light BRF boo!!! Anyways, vote BRF, vote positive consistency! We need more 'rascals' like this in Nigeria. Let our voices be heard loud and proud: WE WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE MEDIOCRE GOVERNANCE. That twerp, Jonathan, should take note. Long Live BRF, Long Live Lagos, Long Live Nigeria.
Eko o ni baje o....o baje ti jor!!!

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  1. hahahahahahah! I am no Lagosian,but from the much I have seen so far of his administration, I am all for BRF....BRF for the people dem!


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