Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 12: Manage Your Expectations Concerning My Outrage

I wrote this at the beginning of the month when this gist was quite fresh. I didn't finish it then. Just finished it and I ask you to try and vibe with me. Thank you. 

Hmmm...let me start by saying "'appi nu mont."
You can tell the extent of my need for mollification by my greeting. If you know me, and I'm sure a few of you do, I HATE that greeting. For avoidance of doubt, when I greet "happy new year", I INTENDED to include EVERY SINGLE MONTH OF THE YEAR!

Anywho, this is day whatever in actuality but Day 12 for the 30 days of posting. I intend to finish these thirty days even if it kills my enemies. Lol. I had been travelling and it's been crazy. Hopping on and off planes. Different time zones. My love for Netflix and sleep. The cards were stacked against me. Forgive me!!!! Please!!!!
Now that I'm sure all is forgiven, let's talk.

So there was this video that surfaced a couple of days ago ( I believe it was last week) of one "imbecide" slandering Nigerians. I will not post it on here cos...meh!

I don't know the broad. From what I hear, she's one of those jj-list celebs. What is a jj-list celeb? Well, in drafting documents and doing a list using the alphabets, when you exhaust alphabets a-z and you still need to continue your list, you go aa, bb, cc, and so on. So yeah...she's probably hi-five famous or something. I'm not interested in dragging her. She made an ignorant statement from an ignorant and possibly pained view point. So...moving on from her.

A few mornings ago, I was watching reactions to the video from a couple of Nigerian instagram comedians and curiously, though her rant seemed of general application, it was mainly the male comedians that took umbrage.I wasn't even interested in the outrage in general. I was interested in one particular outrage. One guy took to his instagram page to berate, surprise...surprise...Nigerian women.
But...!But...! What did we do nau?!
Yes o. Apparently it is OUR fault that the screp was dissing them. Not the possibility that one of their own may have crossed her path and 'demon-ded' her. But the fact that we've been calling them Yoruba demon etc on social media is the cause of the problem and now that it has happened, WE have to fix it. And apparently, if it is not fixed, the smear campaign is likely to move from them to us the women who were the initial "causers" of the whole thing in the first place. This is my paraphrase by the way.

Umu-womenz, have you people heard? You must fix this thing because it your fault o. 

First and foremost, he is mad and has no one to tell him but I'm here to help him. Why would he feel entitled to mine and other women's outrage? Please riddle me that. When the girl said her generation was smelly and crafty and such like, I was like...
This was probably most people's reaction to her. If anyone went in on her, it was mainly just bants. I knew her ass was not talking to or about me or anyone I know for that matter. Yoruba say eni je fuku l'ara n fu. So I paid her no mind. I knew she wouldn't be let off by Nigerian twitter, instagram etc but most of it was probably again....bants. But some guys were PISSED! Video upon video after video because of one salty, nameless person? M'kay. That is not even the big issue. The big issue for me is that it was just expected that we the women would just don our cape and commence the caping process, stat!

Isn't it funny though that the Nigerian women who are meant to race to the defence of our poor, helpless men are possibly the most disrespected women on earth and by some of these same men? Isn't it funny? Truth is, the same thing boy-o was accusing us of, has been done over and over again to us by some of these men. I know they all don't hold these views or act the same but the amount of dragging out on the interweb about Nigerian women is vast, undeniable and inexcusable and we've yet to  issue a fatwa.

Most of these instagram comedians rose to fame off the backs of caricaturing Nigerian women...and in the most unflattering light, might I add. That's comedy abi? Ok.

What of the countless tweets and videos from some idiotic moron that is in the ass crack of Europe somewhere and has managed to trick some woman into marrying him for papers who comes to proclaim how there will be no more Chioma for him, only Ashleys and Beckys going forward? That's individual preference abi? Ok.

Does anyone remember one babe that was caught catfishing on twitter a few years ago? Her name begins with a V..Varina...Vana...something. I can't remember, who was cussing Nigerian women upandan twitter and these same Nigerian men were gassing her that she was the best thing since the formulation of the jollof rice recipe? Those were bants abi? Ok.

The particular observation that got my goat was from some guy; fairly active on twitter, who stays disrespecting women. From his tweets, it is clear he's not interested in your intellect as a woman. He stays talking about how he just wants to suck breast. Chief objectificator of women but he's now pressed when I and women like me don't race to the defence of him and his ilk? 
if you don't git..!!!!
I was tickled by the fact that he felt lending our voices to the outcry and subsequently gagging us from further commentary on crappy behaviour was the only solution. Talk about putting a band-aid on a gangrened leg. 

So while I have outrage, it is towards someone that feels he has a stake in my outrage and how I choose to express it. IF you feel a nonentity's ire was directed towards you, address it and keep it moving. Stop attempting to stir up mob action against someone most people thought was irritatingly amusing. 

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