Friday, July 15, 2016

Lethargy and Web Series

So, it's been 4 months since I last blogged. How the times have changed. When I started blogging, I blogged once a week at least, now I'm taking 4 months breaks in between posts like an irresponsible person. Guys, I apologise. I've just not had the enthusiasm for blogging that I used to have. I presently have more time on my hands than I've ever had, so it's not about time, it's about a lack of inspiration and a lack of passion at this point.

What's weird is, even though I barely blog, I still love blogging. So I did some research on how to pick it up again and make my blog better. Turns out a cardinal rule in having a lasting blog is to ensure that the blog is not about you unless you are the most interesting person in the world. Hmmm...what are we going to do about that now as I'm not even the most interesting person within a one feet radius?!?! But still, we move!

Remember I mentioned having a lot of time on my hands, well, as I pondered on what to do to make the blog more interesting, I decided to spend some of that time judiciously by watching black web series. Guys, black people are magic like Jesse Williams said! There are some amazing stuff just floating around out there and it would be remiss of me not to share some of this good-good with you. Consider this my apology for going AWOL.

Without further ado, LETS GET STARTED! (Kindly note that this is in no particular order as I can't even rate this stuff as one being better than another...they are all so good!!!!)

  1. Ackee and Saltfish

This right here is my jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This series is pure comedic genius! There is no rhyme or reason and no agenda. It was created mainly to make you laugh! It is a British comedy series featuring a two man cast. It is real...too real. I live with my sister so I can relate to a lot of the jokes that comes with sharing space with a witty, live wire. One of my favourite episodes is the Lauryn Hill episode. It features something we've all done (and still do, depending on your level of maturity) where you are singing a song, someone(possibly someone you're mad at) joins in and you yell "who put your mouth?!" This is a typical conversation in this series. You can completely relate to it on any level! The two man cast are somewhat larger than life and hilariously phenomenal. They have the most over the top reactions to the mundane things in life. You tend to forget you are watching two girls basically pottering about the house or hiding in a carpet shop. It is so funny. So well written. The actresses are amazing! Comedic timing = excellent. Punchlines = excellent. Memorable one liners like "My joy didn't go to Zion, my joy died here" = abundant. Cinematography = fantastic. Fantastic stuff. Really silly but intelligent and extremely funny. Unfortunately, there's only one season (for now, I hope) but if you want to see more, there is a short film that you can purchase for about $5 to support the cause  (full disclosure: me, I did not purchase o, as the economy is stronging face like it is taking a hard dump) 

       2.  Tough Love 

Oh how I love thee, Tough Love, allow me to count the ways! I simply cannot get enough of this series. I have watched, re-watched and re-re-watched this series too many times to count. Asides from the crisp cinematography, this series has the most kick ass sound track you'll ever hear. The music is phenomenal. If you know me, you'll know that I am a lover of fine music and it is quite rare for me not to have heard of artists with amazing musicality. This series put me on to some good music and phenomenal artists. This is one soundtrack I can't wait to own. They got me good with the music, buttered me up with the cinematography and finished me off with the story line. Unfortunately, it is just one season of six episodes but baby..quality over quantity all day.  It is a lovely take on the lives and loves of black millennials. It tackles relationship issues like double standards, feminism, the male ego, dating "down" and so on. It also touches on interesting and relevant debates on gentrification, harassment, Bill Cosby, to name a few.  I really like the concept adopted, the dialogues and the rawness of emotions. There is a particular character that keeps referring to herself in the third person which is quite annoying, but that shouldn't really sour the viewing experience. There is also serious eye candy for both sexes and some A-grade melanin (but I'm not even here). They had a casting call in June and their gofundme project for season two went well so they should have commenced shooting for season two and I hope that comes out before the end of the year. So it is safe to get into it as season two is anticipated.It is worth checking out if only to get hip to some of the amazing music. Thank me later. 

3.  American Koko

Fan-freaking-tastic! I think this should be on network television, actually. This, in my opinion, is the side of black people we should be seeing, as opposed to rap, guns, drugs and whatever Power  and Empire are about these days (Yes, I called out your favourite what????) American Koko is a comedic commentary on love and life in  "post racial America" through the eyes of a black woman basically. It tackles interesting racial conundrums but what I liked the most was the fact that it tackled prejudices in the black community as well, looking at issues like being black enough, the angry black woman rhetoric, etc. It's deep but it is so funny and so well written. It ends after one season as well. I really don't know what is up with these shows. This is one of the annoying things about web series, I guess. But check it out still.

4.    Skinny Girl in Transit

Last year, I was all about my Gidi Up (of which we have grown bear-bear waiting for the next season. NdaniTV, wyd???) While waiting for GidiUp, NdaniTV brought us the gem that is SGIT and it is the gift that keeps on giving, because they are currently running the second season as we speak! Yaaaaaay!!!!!!You have to be living under a rock if you are Nigerian and haven't seen this series. So this is for my "international audience" (a girl can dream, abi?) As a Nigerian, I am freaking proud of this show. It is a piece of well scripted reality. I make no bones about how Ngozi Nwosu (excellently cast as Mama Tiwalade) is the voice of her generation and she is repping Nigerian mothers so well, it is unreal. Tiwalade's life is literally my life except I don't have the seemingly endless parade of good looking men trooping in and out of my life. Oh and I have no interest in working out (well..neither does she for the most part). It is a fantastic take on what living single as a Nigerian woman is like; showcasing the societal and parental pressures inherent. I rock with SGIT. The cinematography is so crisp. The story line hits home. Acting is phenomenal. Casting is excellent. They've yet to put a foot wrong.

5. First

Warning: Very high sugar content!!!!!! This series is super sweet, possibly the sweetest thing I've seen in...ever. My very first (pun intended) impression was "this is really cute". But it is really grown too. It starts out sickly sweet...but it is sickly sweet that makes you grin and want to fall in love. However, it takes on a more serious nature halfway through season one and for most of season two. The show addresses the intricacies of relationships and the challenge of converting a childhood friendship/crush to grown love. It is a great take on black friendship, black love and that side of black people that ought to be celebrated. I am completely in love with love again. It sadly ends with a cliff hanger in season two and I'm not sure whether season three is in the works. But excellence! Crisp cinematography, amazing chemistry between the leading cast and the issues..oh my! I loved the look of it and the way it dealt with everyday relationship issues that we've all dealt with and can identify with looking in from outside like communication, long distance relationships, dealing with family issues as a significant other, etc. I also really liked that we are seeing the slow burn love not the instant oat version, you know what I'm saying? It is beautiful. That's all I can say. 

6. Brothers with no game 

This is the oldest web series of the class. I believe it's from 2012.  An oldie but oh what a goodie! Yet another British comedy about life, love and living but told from the men's perspective. You have a cross section of brothers; the Mr. Nice Guy, the Mr. Theory, the Mr. Broke Guy and the Mr. Wannabe Playa, so there's the benefit of the varied view points. It's two seasons long and they haven't made a third season for 4 years, so it's safe to say it is a wrap, but we may yet be surprised. The cinematography is not as crisp as the others. I guess that has to do with the fact that it's quite old. But the story line is good. the acting is good. It is funny and extremely relate-able. I thoroughly enjoyed this web series. You should check it out.  

7. Close Friends

This is a good web series. Also a bit older than the others...2013, to be precise, but not too bad. I've included it on the list because it is four seasons long, about 30-40 episodes in total. Not bad. It tracks the friendship of six friends (male and female) and looks at the age long question of whether guys and girls can just be friends, how do you come back from your girl cheating with your best friend, drug addiction and so on. It is pretty heavy stuff but it is also riddled with drama-just-for-the-sake-of-drama! This is the web series for people that like unnecessary and avoidable drama. Some of the things that happen and triggers the drama you could smell from a mile away, but nooooo, these ones will still step right in the crap like they are blind. Also, some of the story line is a bit one kind and the end was too lazy for my liking, like they had run out of ideas but had to look for a way to end it. I didn't really enjoy the last season but the first three weren't bad at all. So it's worth checking out. 

This is my peace offering to you. If you do check any of these out let me know how you got on and which was your favourite.  Have a lovely weekend guys! 



  1. Woah woah woah!!!! This deffo makes up for 4 months of being MIA.....All these series you are sharing, where is data to watch it though? And "NEPA"?

    1. That particular struggle is very real. NEPA be bring and taking light like they're practicing how to blink and Spectranet be increasing rates like the economy is not vexing for all of us.

  2. Good morning Sister CherryChatter. Calvary Greetings. Is there any webseries that you can recommend to help strengthen the faith of some of your followers? Thank you. Greetings from your Coza readers.

  3. Finally! This is a lot of web series.. The only one i'm watching atm is SGIT and i loveet. let me just bookmark for later


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