Thursday, December 31, 2015

Giveaway Answers + Winner

Hey lovelies!

Happy new year in advance. May the new year be blessed and rewarding for us all. 

Thank you all for your support this year. I wasn't the best and most consistent blogger. But thank you all for reading, commenting and supporting. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you. 

As always, I hope to be better for you in the New Year.

Now that we've gotten the emotional bit out of the way, let's get to the Giveaway.

Atilola accused me of being wicked. All I can say is, es nor laik dat o. I thought the questions were pretty easy. For those that attempted it: thank you and good job. 

So the answers: 

1. In what state does the biggest Christmas Carnival in Nigeria take place? 

 Cross River State

2. In the movie Best Man Holiday, who sang the song the friends mimed to?

  New Edition

3. What is the name of the Destiny's Child Christmas album?

8 Days of Christmas 

4. What is the Scrooge's first name?


5. How do you say "Merry Christmas" in the Edo, Fulani, French and Ibibio languages?

Edo: Iselogbe

Fulani: Jabbama be salla Kirismati

Ibibio: Idara ukapade isua 

French: Joyeux Noel 

6. Under what plant, now used as a Christmas decoration, are you required by Christmas tradition to kiss a lover should you happen to stand beneath it at the same time? 


7. What did my true love give to me on the 9th day of Christmas?

9 ladies dancing 

8. What story in nativity does gift giving at Christmas denote?

The three wise men visiting baby Jesus with presents

9. What is it called when as a member of a group or an organisation, one picks a name at random and is required to purchase a Christmas gift for the chosen party anonymously?

Secret Santa

10. What is the name of the call and response duet; originally written in 1944 but has since been rerecorded by various artistes, most recently in 2014, in which the male singer attempts to convince the female singer to stay with him for a romantic evening, citing bad weather and associated hardships for why it made sense for her to stay?

Baby it's cold outside 

After some admitted "wuruwuru to di ansa" moves, *side eye* the winner of the Giveaway is Naija Bachelor!!!!!!! He answered ALL the questions correctly and he will be getting this hamper...

...which contains the following:

1. A bottle of white wine

2. A box of whole meal crackers

3. A tin of Danish butter cookies

4. A box of Twinnings Peppermint tea

5. A tin of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate 

6. A pack of sticky toffee sweets

7. A tin of cashew nuts

8. A Christmas CD titled "Merry Christmas" by Awune

9. A key holder that says "keep calm and go fishing"

10. A New Year card signed by me! 

A direct message would be sent to the winner to arrange delivery. I hope you enjoy the hamper, NB. 

Once again, Happy New Year all! 

P.S: what do you think about the new look of the blog? It was meant to mimic snowfall for the holidays...snowfall in  summery, harmattany, Lagos. 


  1. I like the Christmas theme. Merry Christmas Cherry Chatter. Happy holidays

  2. Na wa o. I thought I would win for giving the honest answer.

    Naijabachelor, you know we are friends, dash me the hamper naa. You know there's nothing wrong with paying it forward. If you can't dash me, at least let's share it.

    My address is...

    Who trains the woman? Parents or Marriage?

  3. Chai, Naijabachelor won it. Er well, considering I used Google a lot, you deserved it :D. Now, lerrus talk about that pack of toffee sweets NB....


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