Monday, December 22, 2014

'Tis the Season - Top Five Pressies For Him

Hello my loves.

Ok guys, what we are going to do to avoid any awkwardness, is pretend I've been here the whole time, posting. It would negate the need for me to 'lyingly' apologize about being busy when I was pretty much being lazy , and you disingenuously accepting said apologies like you even cared or noticed I was away. Ok? Awesome.

So....MERRY CHRISTMAS FAM!!!!!!! You all know by now how much I love Christmas. I love the atmosphere, the songs, the gifts, the hampers...most importantly, the family togetherness that Christmas brings. So last year, we looked at outrageously expensive presents for Christmas. This year, though it is coming a bit late, I thought I could help with the gift-giving process.

See, a lot of folks are terrible at gift giving. Whether it be for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or just'cause....some folks just have no clue. They don't mean to be terrible at it...they just are! The same way you write with your right hand or have curly hair or blue eyes is the same way some people are genetically awful at gift giving. But me...I'm GREAT at gift giving.Oh yes you heard me...GREAT!!! Feel free to disagree in your personal shalanga! So because I'm a wonderful person (my modesty 'ti gbe odun lo!') I have decided to do a three part series sharing my top five gifts for the man or woman in your life and also great gifts for parents for your folks or in-laws. These gifts are really of general application and are not restricted to Christmas only but as 'tis the season, they make great Christmas Pressies. So let's get started with gifts for him.

1. A Turntable
images courtesy

Music is always a great thing to gift. Although I'm not a guy, my brother gave me a really cool Christmas present this year. He got me an awesome, portable turntable! Mine is the orange version of the blue turntable in the picture. I love turntables!! It is a return to a simpler time in my life and I think it makes listening to music a fun and somewhat sophisticated experience; as opposed to shoving something into a disc player or plugging in something. Easy listening was actually deliberate and an actual 'experience' back in the days. I find that girls don't really care but if you have a man that loves music, this is one more thing to add to his arsenal. Today's turntables are more refined and can be plugged into USB ports etc. The aesthetics are great too. Records can be purchased online at or at vintage stores starting from $1 each, depending on what you want. It is a fun acknowledgment of the present and a nod to the past.

2. An iPhone 6/6 Plus

If you are balling like a Bola, why not treat that young man to an iPhone 6 if he doesn't already have
one? This phone that I have been told will give you access to Jesus' direct line and assist in weight loss and kwashiokor  (because you will only be drinking garri after you buy this phone) comes in a limited array of colors: black, white and gray.
Apple describes it thus:
 iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger — it’s better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display. It’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that’s better by any measure.

The vital stats of this phone depends on which one you want. I have tabulated them hereunder:
information courtesy

General features include an iOS8 operating system that is said to be the most advanced mobile phone technology in the world;  aperture f/2.2 (whatever that means) and 1.5µpixels on its camera. Pretty impressive. This baby retails from between 170k to 220k at your friendly neighborhood mobile phone retailer. The price varies, depending on the type of phone and memory capacity (16, 64 and 128 gigabyte). Toh...happy spending!

3. RayBan Wayfarers

I think RayBans are pretty stylish. Not the 'jigi-Bola" variation also known as aviators o. I'm talking about the sleek wayfarers. I love a guy in some awesome wayfarers! Forgeeeet!!!

Amean, you can get him another type of sunglasses. A pair is always useful. I lose mine every other month so I'm always glad to get a pair for whatever occasion. A classic 'can't miss' gift. The wayfarers are a good present because of it's 'omo lo-iya lo' opportunities. In other words, you buy them for him but you can wear them too. Lord knows if I buy these for a man, I will be wearing them half the time. Ehen... before somebody come and come and say that one Cherrywine said buy wayfarers and as a result, halts Okwundili in Allen Avenue traffic and purchases some RayBaMs...please enter correct shop and buy better tin for your man o! Leave them Okwundili be this Christmas! LEAVE THEM BE!!!!! As an fooooiiiinnnnneee is Pharrell Williams tho??? An original pair of wayfarers will set you back about 30 grand.

4. A King Hakbal Suit

Let me issue a disclaimer. King Hakbal is a close personal friend of mine. He has not asked me to
image courtesy
endorse his products in anyway ( I no get that kind reach) His work pretty much speaks for itself. But as a satisfied customer of the King, getting your boo an item from his stables is GUARANTEED to impress. Soooo...what's your boo's style? Suited and booted or "agbadaed" and spraying monnneeeyyy? King Hakbal got you, whatever he likes. I personally hate it when I see a man rocking an ill-fitted "carpenter-lo'she' suit. You know, the overly long pant leg, the over-sized NBA jackets with drowning sleeves. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it didn't cost as much as I thought to get a tailored suit. I mean if your eyes are set on high things of life like Saville Row suits and hand-stitched Hermes pocket squares; you are O.Y.O. But the quality of the fabric and the stitching is pretty impressive. So to ensure that in 2015, your boo is not joining LAWMA in the effort to keep Lagos clean, consider a tailored suit for his Christmas present.

5. A Weekender

Is your man a high-flyer? Or are his friends nuisances that choose to get married in far flung corners of the Nation and the World? I'm sorry, I can't help with that BUT your boo-thang can always arrive in style. I recently struck up a conversation with a gentleman at the airport and one of the things I liked about him was that his luggage was pretty stylish. Maybe this is not a good idea for a present then...that's how one random girl will start chatting up your man on top of luggage you bought for him. Hian!! However, it's still a pretty great gift. Picture these two scenarios: you strolling through the airport with your man-friend, him carrying one of these fine pieces or you strolling through the airport with your man and him carrying his grandmother's 'portmanteau' that has been handed down from generation to generation. Which is your preferred scenario? Amean, you'll STILL love him, the portmanteau would only make you walk ahead and love him from afar. So to be able to claim your man at the airport, buy him something awesome to travel with. A weekender should set you back between #22,500 and #380,000 depending on your taste and pocket.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of awesome and useful presents you could give. If you need further help, contact me in camera. My consultancy fee is negotiable.

See you tomorrow for pressies for Her. If you're wise, turn your boo on to this blog this night. You know I won't do my ladies greasy. Happy shopping folks. xoxoxoxoxo.


  1. Oh well this year i am spending on myself wooohooo

  2. You this madam, oya come and pretend like you didnt see my missed call o.

    I Really don't see anything special about iPhone 6. Shebi we use the same OS.

    You are just a case sha.


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