Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Tis the Season - Top Five Pressies for Her

Awon omo olodun! How far na???? I hope yesterday's present suggestions were helpful and they averted your minds to some oter great things you can gift for Christmas. 
Today is for my ladies!!!! To be honest, guys tend to disappoint me with presents. What is a favourite guy present to give? Perfume. I love perfumes...need them even, but not every time perfume - sometimes put some thought into the gift. Hian! Switch it up some. 

Anyways, let's get into it 

1. Louboutin and/or Giuseppe 

Is your pepper resting? Have you ever seen a woman have a shoegasm?  Would you like to? Well, here you go! To be honest, these are the only men you want your girl to cheat with. It's better to buy them for her so 'her eye will not be looking outside'. Lol! I personally prefer Giuseppe Zanotti Designs. But who dash my monkey banana? Note of warning gentlemen; you need to have observed your woman before you go and pack all the money they used to marry the entire generation of women in your family to buy her shoe. If, when your woman, like me, finishes wearing high heels she begins to list to the side like the Leaning Tower of Pisa or a drunk baby, THIS PURCHASE IS NOT FOR YOU. Move on to the next present before your money enters voice mail in a few weeks. That girl is a New Look chick or last last, some last four seasons designer shoes from TK Maxx type of girl. Cheap and cheerful shoes that she can ruin and not be too pained. If somebody buys me any of these, e do himself o. OLX here I come. Or if I want to be nice, I would begin  the Museum de Cherrywine and keep the shoes in a box and stare at them till they disintegrate with time. I am not an ota aje.

2. Fine Dining
I know...I know...every Sunday or so, you guys go to Prime Chinese or Chopsticks to get your eating
out on. Well, Chinese as prepared in Nigeria, is not fine dining. It is more fast food. So step your game up and treat yo'self! I'm an experience junkie and I want to experience all the safe and exciting things this world has to offer. Fine dining is one of those things that has to be experienced to be appreciated. How do you notch this up a bit? Fine dining in  the comfort of your own home. That's right, hunty! In this very Nigeria, you can hire a personal chef to come and give you and your girl that "Eating Right and Eating Up' treatment. No be only JayZ sabi chop good. My siblings and I did this for my folks for their anniversary a couple of days ago and they spent the entire week marveling at how wonderful the experience was (the chef we hired was awesome!!!) So, you guys should make a night of it: dress really fancy (this is the time to rock that useless morning tailcoat your guy made you all buy for his fancy wedding) and have your girl dress Oscar-worthy and someone wait on you hand and foot in the comfort of your own home. The beauty of it all is two-folds- it's in your house but you don't have to wash up or nothing; also, it's a gift for her but you are eating good too. Win-Win, I say! This gift is best gifted if you have your own pad. Momsie walking through the dining area saying "sorry o" is not a good look! This should set you back between #45,000 and #75,000 depending on what you decide to eat and even more if you want lobster and foie gras. Bon Appetite! 

3. iPhone 6/6 Plus

Why this is a lovely present and what its vital statistics are, have already been discussed in the previous post. So what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Nna, please assist that girl to upgrade that BB curve. Taink you.

4. Vacay

Whisk her away! Nothing says love like when you say "I love you"in another time me.
image courtesy

While you are out there, if you guys are there yet, manage and carry ring with you and pop the question. This is a two in one gift really. If you get your girl this gift, for like five years, you can coast by on your gift giving, getting her the most silly of presents. She will bring out this memory and polish it ; knowing you are capable of great things. Just picture her telling it to her friends and them swooning with comments like "you don't say?!"or "you mean it?!"or "chai! Babe you are lucky ooooo!!!!" or all of the above. You will be heads and shoulders above their boyfriend that gave them keyholder and fridge magnet for Christmas. Things like this does wonders for your ego. So help your ego receive an end of the year growth spurt. You are welcome.

5. Sigma Brush Set
I love these! If your woman is a makeup enthusiast, you should definitely get her these brushes. If you love makeup, you know application is easier when you have the right tools. So if your woman looks like wili-wili when she does her makeup, know it is your fault. You could have saved both of you the embarrassment by buying her this gift. Makeup brushes dey cost o! Sigma brushes, I believe are the right balance between fancy and affordable. They are not quite as expensive as some brands including Mac but they do as phenomenal a job as most expensive brushes. The bristles are densely packed so they pick up product beautifully. They are soft to the touch and the synthetic fibers are less likely to irritate your skin as natural fibers would.  There are a number of retailers that carry Sigma products in Nigeria. Just "google the internet"and you will find them. These babies could set you back between #16,340 and if you like all things pure gold, bright ad beautiful, #102,500, depending on the set you buy and the material it is made from.

Ladies, here are some of the things you could have for Christmas. 

Meanwhile, sorry about posting this later than promised. I had to make an unplanned trip yesterday to attend a meeting. The parents/in-law pressie post would be up asap

Merry Christmas darlings!!!!


  1. Ok, i need to send this url abeg. Merry Christmas sweetie

  2. Toin you didnt tell me about cherry chatter. I love this list. 1 and 4 is all i want. Zanotti flats, loub heels in different styles and colours and a trip to paris, my love shall be set in stone for all of 1 year.

  3. proposal didnt make the top 5? lol

  4. Lol
    Nice list
    No room for students on a budget?

  5. I will try to remember this, cos I'm so predictable with gifts, usually go with wristwatch/perfumes.
    You should probably make a list for gifts for friends as well, can't be giving friends these listed gifts, you know.


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