Friday, February 14, 2014

FalentiMe Tins!!!!

Happy 'FalentiMe' day, eyin eyan mi!

I am erroneously wearing a yellow skirt with red patterns, so folks are thinking "awwww...she's in the spirit". Well, I kinda am. But, the skirt is a pure coincidence...folks need to calm the heck down.

This valentine's day this tin na die for these ends o. As far back as Monday, dey don begin dey tension us for our horfeez. A colleague of mine got cupcakes that said "can I spoil you on 14-02-14?". See tensioning na! But it is well. This valentine's day is what yorubas call odun yi o ni ye! Folks be getting crunk. SEC Galleria was turned into a valentine jamboree space with all sorts of goodies, teddies and trinkets, sellers winking their eyes and luring you to their wares and buyers milling around in a zombie-like state...just spoilt for choice. I went to wash my car yesterday at about 7p.m. and a fellow car owner informed me that after the car wash, he was headed to Sahad Stores to purchase a red shirt and black jeans to knack on his valentine date today. Odun yi o ni ye se. Men and women alike are all in a tizzy and the valentine Billion dollar industry has cashed in for 2014 once again.

Whether you have a val today or you don't, I give you the words of Apostle Peter adjusted to fit the season; silver and gold, cake or chocolate, I do not have, but such as I have, I give y'all very generously today. In light of the foregoing, I give you some of the best valentine's day memes I have come across. Enjoy and be cheered up.
Excuse the atrocious spelling and sentence construction but boys were not smiling with this ish. I had this as my dp for a few days and you would be shocked at the amount of 'witches' in Nigeria. See rubbish!

Ki lo le to yi ke?? I would say mild hail and a bush fire/burning refuse. What say you? 
This is some cold ass beans right hurr.
Cos it is the thought that counts ladies and gentlemen. Lol
That's right. This look is called "Eat Shit"
Just cos you need to check folks!Please do not be mistaken that you are above an ass-whooping if you ask me this question. Just leave me alone to my thoughts. This question is most annoying because it is usually a precursor to letting you in on their own funky plans. News flash psychos...I DON'T CARE!!!!
This is so for real. Your ass did not have a boyfriend from the first quarter of the previous year then you are going to be forming surprised and hurt when vals day rolls around and you are alone without presents. You were alone yesterday, the week before and the month before so what changed? Did they open a boyfriend store down the road from yours and you missed the final sale? People keep holding out for a Captain Secret Admirer; hoping all the boys that have been commenting on their instagram pics and retweeting them will show up on the day and TURN UP! dudes don't have your time nor your budget.  Get out of here with that mess!
A healthy dose of realism...I like it. Someone asked me what plans I had for today and I said plans were relative...watching a movie while eating cake IS a plan...I dare you to tell me otherwise...I triple dare you.
Cos folks just want to be lonely in peace without having reminders from the beginning of the year.

Happy valentine's day all!


  1. lollllllllllllllll now this just made my day. 'Tensioning' loll I have learnt a new word today. I plan to run back home before the crazy traffic (valentine + friday = wikid combo) starts. I can't shout abeg. It is me, Africa Movie Magic Yoruba and food that shall be celebrating valentines! Whoop whoop!

  2. Loooolllll. Meehhn. You got me laffing with this. Thanks for the val gift.

  3. Lmao! I went to walmart and these people had cleared the chocolate aisle. I couldn't even buy chocolate for myself. Haba!!

  4. LOOL! Love this!
    And that picture about World Aid's Day - hahaha!

  5. LOL! Cherrywine you are amazing hahahaha.
    Valentine has come and gone now so it's back to business lol


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