Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Harassment Chronicles 3

RIO's harassment swung between threatening and cajoling/jovial. Although threatening was the main mode. I had recruited a select group of friends at work and would always have at least one with me to ensure I don't get cornered. I had also taken to feigning anything from menstrual pain to migraine to avoid attending  meetings. I suspected that my madam was suspicious but I was still undecided as to whether to clue her into the situation or not and she let my flimsy excuses slide too so I was winning this round. 

Then came the day RIO informed me that I was just a click of his fingers away, security be damned and he decided to show me his threatening side a bit more, seeing as I was somewhat defying him. It was almost 3 weeks since I blocked his number when I was asked to take a confidential document to his office. I said a million novenas on the way to the office. How can a fellow human being evoke such fear in me? I kept praying that I would be able to leave the document with his PA but I knew in my heart of hearts that this was an attempt to get me alone. I got into his office and attempted to drop the document on his PA's table, she motioned me inside, giving me a quizzical look. I guess she was wondering why he wanted me to come into his office since he had zero tolerance for juniors in his space; personal or official.

I took a deep breath, knocked, was gruffly invited in, greeted him but got no response. He kept his eyes firmly fixed on whatever he was working on. I edged towards the table, dropped the file and turned on my heels...


I froze. 

"Sir?" I said turning back around

"Are you avoiding my calls?"

"No sir" I lied

"I have not been able to reach you" he wasn't shouting but the undertone  of the statement was clear, it was a 'you better have a damned good reason for this mess' tone. 

"It must be the network sir." I lied again

"Network?"  he said it like he had never heard the term before. "I thought you might say that"

He opened a drawer in his bureau and tossed a packet on the table. It was an iphone 5 pack. He had not looked up once throughout the entire exchange. I was rooted to the spot, not quite sure what was going on. After what seemed like an eternity, he looked up and basically growled

"what are you still doing here?"

"Sorry sir" I said making for the door

"Take the fucking phone and get out of my office!!!!" he bellowed

I snatched the pack and ran out of the office, tears of frustration and anger already making their way down the corner of my eyes. I caught a glimpse of his PA and she looked undecidedly unruffled, like people coming out of his office crying were the norm...which really, is true. So she didn't think anything was amiss.

 I didn't stop running till I got into the toilet. I stood with tears running down my face for about 5 minutes till I was jolted out of my pity party by a muffled and unfamiliar phone chime. I figured it was coming from inside the iphone box. I took the phone out to find that though it was brand new, it had been fully charged and it now carried a message. I didn't need a diviner to tell me who it was from. I slid my finger across the front and clicked on the message icon and the message opened up and it read:

Stop making this unnecessarily difficult and 
stop playing games with me. I am not a patient man 
and I will not be denied.

Denied what???? I now came to the realization that RIO was clinically crazy. At this point, my fear  had given way to annoyance and defiance. Ok, let's rock and roll. You can give a girl an iphone but you can't make a girl charge the iphone to keep it alive. I knew this phone was going to be my ticket to freedom  though I hadn't yet figured out how.

To be continued.

***Thanks to my sister, W, for the iphone line. Her mind works in mysterious ways. Love that little rapscallion***


  1. Ahhhhhhh! Not a phone only HE can call!?!?!? That's some psycho-lifetime movie- 50 shades of gray- male domination/kept woman type shit! I can't.

  2. I'm ur biggest fan Cherrywine. I look forward to new posts from u on here. Keep up the good writing.

  3. Femostic! God bless u!!!! Afi bii christian grey!
    Cherry koko! I love this, it has me wanting moreeeeeee. Well done

  4. Oh..amazing. Keep on posting something like this

  5. Lol at RIO is clinically crazy! I agree
    Femostic - wow now that's serious!

    Loving the story CherryWine(not that I'm supporting the harassment though) - continue missy I'm reading!

  6. This RIO person o ma gbadun o! The nerve! He's an oga, so? Can't wait to see how this ends!

  7. RIO = Weak man using cowardly methods to get a girl. This is almost like rape without the act of sex .. mental rape or emotional rape.. How can you forcefully have a relationship with someone through the abuse of power?

    Great stuff Cherrywine.. Looking forward to how the iPhone will come in handy!!

  8. Replies
    1. Azzin? Why pick the damn phone? Why cry??

      Perfect time to have told him off.

  9. looooooolll. Actually crazy is rather mild

  10. You should have resigned dear
    It is not worth it.

    From training to become a successful entrepreneur


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