Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Screw Kim Kardashian and the horse she rode in on

People have been blowing up my bb, wondering what I think of the whole Kim Kardashian divorce debacle. I guess my status update asking what else people expected from a made for TV wedding was not sufficient. But I guess from my heading you can make an educated guess on how I feel.

I try to distance myself from discussing 'entertainment' related events on this blog because firstly, calling the things that take place in today's media 'entertainment' is an insult to the word 'entertainment' and people that genuinely provide entertainmentand lastly, I just don't really care. It is as simple as that. But for this event, I'm happy to make an exception.

 This may be based on assumptions or solely on the fact that I can't stand Kim and the entire Kardashian clan (I quite like Khloe and Lamar tho)but I knew that marriage would not last.
When I heard (cos I try not to fry my brain cells by watching most of their 'well thought out' productions: I like the khloe show tho) that she was getting married, I said; now there's a wedding that would not last.

Why? Well cos her whole life is scripted and run by E and satan's right hand maiden; her mother. Also, they had to do SOMETHING to keep her relevant, she is afterall, the star of their lives and the one who brought them to some sort of relevance and she was being outdone and upstaged by the ugly sister and the boring one and even the upcoming 'should be taken into federal care and custody' ones.
Her sisters were beginning to do age appropriate things like having kids and getting and STAYING married, essentially leading normal lives; well as normal as your life can get when it is scripted and played out in front of millions of viewers. They; ie the devil's thinktank; E and of course, the devil's babe;Kirs Jenner couldn't let that happen so they concocted this 'marriage'. Ergo, it couldn't last.

Are we to believe that 'where to live' was the crux of their issue? She makes a lot of money and couldn't be that hard up to afford plane tickets. Worse yet, E will create another mindless drivel titled: Kim Takes on Life as a BBaller's Wife or some other equally stupid title and come up out the pocket for her tickets. Also, she knew, going in, that she was marrying an ATHLETE. They get traded and transferred. It is the nature of that industry. So she needs to sit her big butt in a corner and stop trying to pull badly woven wool over our eyes.

Even her so called fans cannot be that much in denial; they have to know she was in it for the money. She's all about the money. Nothing added or removed. It is just a damn shame. I'm just mad that though I knew the marriage was a sham and a scam and wouldn't last, I didn't place any bets on it. Damn! I too, could have made money off her wedding. As for her mother; selling your daughter's hopes and dreams up the river for 10% has to come with its own special torture chamber in hell, right?

I'm most amused by the fact that some (not many though) people are GENUINELY shocked that this marriage didn't last. How could Kim; whose claim to fame was boinking Ray J, recording the feat and 'claiming' it was leaked, be ACCUSED of marrying for money???? It is inconceivable. Surely she loved the village idiot looking fellow she married. She would never lie about that. There was an E special to prove her love and everything.
Of course.
 Kim's moral code is up there with Mother Teresa and Ghandi. Give me a break. She has sold her soul to E and would do any and everything to ensure high ratings for her stupid shows and endorsements. And they thought Obama was a mean, old, black man when he said he doesn't let his daughters watch their show. Pah!!!!

Sorry for the epistle. I just can't stand the family and I resent being unwillingly forced to hear about and partake in their lives. It is no longer safe to even flick past E. They are on at all hours of the day.

 And can NOONE give me that crap about her needing her privacy and being respectful of her divorce,ok? If she wanted people to respect her divorce, she should have conducted her marriage out of the public's eye. Even celebs who conducted their affairs in private are still publicly flayed when things get into public domain, talk less of her. You can't ask the world to love you and watch you and quietly go away when you don't have your act right. Plus I'm sure she doesn't even want us to go away. It is her fans who will take up the battle cry and DEMAND her privacy. She wants us to eat this shit up and be grateful she's letting us share her life. She knows that if we go away, there's no brand, no endorsements and no shows cos she's one of those: the famous for nothings. Plus, she's not going to be respectful of her own divorce, so don't ask it of me. Give her and her mother a few days, they will figure out how to spin this crying shame into some high yield investment; Kim Does Divorce Woes or something. Infernal family!

Anyway......in other news.........


  1. LMAO CherryKoko don vex o! Quite frankly Kim doesnt strike me as an intelligent person. Even form her voice you can tell. My co-workers spent days and hours on end waiting for E!Special of the wedding. I just can't give a rat's tail. Like you have said, I felt it was scripted from the onset and it played out like a Nollywood movie...you know the end from the beginning! shio!
    Abeg, next?
    Khloe and of course, Bruce really seems to be the only relatively sane one in that house!

  2. I just found out about the wedding a fortnight ago..as in i discovered the pix just at the same time i found out that divorce was in the air. had to laff. real hard. The Kardashianeigans make me wanna puke.

  3. lmao@"selling your daughter's hopes and dreams up the river for 10% has to come with its own special torture chamber in hell, right?"

    Kris is smart and she's all about the money unfortunately, like Honey said, Kim is not smart unlike Kourt and Khloe besides. She's just in love with the idea of "love". It's also wrong to sell d lives of ur kids for money.

    Funny thing is i like em cos they amuse me, esp khloe and kourt. Kim is kinda d dullest but since d "sex tape", Kris has been tryna milk every penny they can get. Soo not shocked but i was rooting for like 6 months

  4. I actually think Kim is smarter than a lot of people give her credit for. She's not memorable and the absence of wit makes her boring and insignificant BUT she knows money. I think the reason she's so chummy with her mother and others are not is because all she cares about is the bottom line. She's happy to let her mommy conduct her business because all they both see is dollar signs. Maybe her mother more than her but it is what keeps them allied even when the others show open disdain for her (the mother)

    Thanks for the comments guys

  5. "The Kardashianeigans make me wanna puke". Nothing more to be said.


  6. SCREW her and her MONEY what a greedy pig!!!! and FAMOUS FOR WHAT AGAIN??????????????? GIve some money away and help the NEEDY and doing something for the WORLD you media WHORE


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