Friday, August 12, 2011


Yaaaaayyyyy! Thirty Days Challenge....Challenge Complete. (in my best robot voice) I'm super psyched. It's been interesting. I did get bored halfway through. But I'd like to thank those that left me comments and those in my feedjit live blog status who showed me that people came along fro the ride. I'd like to thank the regulars; HoneyDame,Dasu, Bucci, @ilola, Adiya, Ginger, Laurenta, Sisi Yemmie for their comments. If I didn't mention your name here, I'm sowi. Don't be mad. keep leaving me comments. Thanks to those that didn't leave comments but would ping me and turn up at my house demanding that I post urgently, folks like my sister's friend Tola and Angela. I'm just so glad I finished this challenge cos as my post on Zodiac sign said, I do have a short attention span.

Ok, before I make this post all about thanks and dedications, let's get to THE final post of the 30 days challenge (that felt so good to say)

what am I excited for? well, right now, I'm excited that I finished this challenge. But for the future, I'm excited about God. As you're all aware, I recently began a relationship with God. It has been a journey. I get really frustrated sometimes (like yesterday) because I really want this relationship to work this time and I want the tools that make it work sharpish.
I've been reading books by some serious people of God and I have a serious Holy Ghost envy. I want that great relationship they have with God, I envy it, I desire it. Yesterday, I found out there are no short cuts to God. You must read the word, follow the word, renew your mind and wait on God. I felt I had been waiting for a while and things were still not happening, so I got really frustrated.
But this morning, I read that God uses imperfect people to do His perfect will. I'm certainly imperfect, so I'm the perfect candidate. What I learnt yesterday that made me so frustrated, when combined with what I learnt today explains what God is trying to show me. He is showing me the key elements to developing a healthy relationship with him, He's showing me that the instant gratification my generation is used to is not how He operates and that He chose me, I didn't choose Him, so I better not get it twisted. Lol.
I know I'm moving closer to my target. Where I was yesterday is definitely not where I am today. So I'm very excited about what the future holds with respect to this journey I've embarked on.

That's me done with the 30 Days challenge. I really appreciate everyone that took time out of their schedules to read my ramblings. You guys rock.


  1. Awww, thanks for the acknowledgement, I also got bored on your behalf, lol. You should put up the badge they designed for people who finished this challenege.
    As for your relationship with God, don't think you will get to your desired 'target', cos you can never be close enough. God is so deep that the more we know Him, the more we want to know Him. All the best

  2. Wowie!!!!!
    U rock too missy. I give u respect for completing this challenge o!!! Not in a million years for me....

  3. oh yay!!! COngratulobia
    you should totally get the 30day challenge badge i have it on my blog!!!!

  4. Perfect ending to the challenge Cherry!
    That's some commitment you've shown. I don't think i have it in me. unless I spend a month writing all the posts then set them on auto publish the next month then i'll look all perfect and orderly. is that cheating?

    Thanks for the shoutout, I loved reading!


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