Monday, August 8, 2011



I like that I'm principled.

I like that I enjoy my own company

I like that I am an acquired taste and people often find that I'm not really who they thought I was when they get to know me. I'm always tickled when people say "you're actually nice" cos I know I am.

I like that as CE says, I'm a contradiction

I like that I have a thirst for knowledge

I like that I'm a meticulous planner of things and if I must do something, I must do it right

I like that I'm very family oriented. I think it helps me remain grounded and be a better person

I like that I'm a loyal friend


I hate that I'm a procrastinator

I hate that I'm a worry-wart but I don't know what I can do to help that

I hate that I'm not a risk taker because I miss out on a bunch of stuff.

I hate that I'm bull-headed and sometimes to my detriment.

I hate that I become an entirely different person when I get angry

I hate that I'm sometimes a couch potato and instead of going out to do things, I've been known to spend entire weekends on my couch

I hate that I'm sometimes a soft touch and a sob story can have me wanting to empty my account

I kinda dislike the fact that I'm not very patient.


  1. i used to be a lot of thing sin your hate section, but i worked on them
    sister stop procastinating

  2. i know Laurenta! *sad face* I am trying.

    welcome back, KitKat! It's been a minute.

  3. I like the likes and hate the dislikes too :)

    why are you a procrastinator? why are you not a risk taker?


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