Sunday, August 7, 2011


I'm almost getting done with my youth service right now and the reality of being an adult is setting in. Something I'm worried about now is finding employment.
For me, this is really hard because I can't decide if I want to practice or if I want to work in an organisation.
It's been my dream to practice forever. Everyone that knows me knows I want to practice law. But I have people trying to discourage me by talking about the meanness of senior partners and the pittance paid to lawyers in this country. Now, I'm beginning to think I'm being too idealistic about the profession and it may not be worth my time afterall. I mean, it is definitely still on the cards but for now, I can't decide if it is what I should go into immediately.
So I can't decide what I want to do and it is making it hard to seek employment. I'm really stressed out about it cos it plays at the back of my mind daily. That's one thing I'm worried about right now


  1. most youths worry about employment, even I worry, but there will always be a way

  2. I am a worrywart so u def. dont want me commenting n this.

  3. Please, if that is your dream, don't let people's discouragement get to you. Go for it, cos people's words can kill dreams. I am not saying you won't face those challenges that people warn you about, but don't let people or challenges steal your dream. Cos in future, it wouldn't be nice for you to look back and say 'If only....'

  4. Don't be discouraged dearie! People discouraged me from Law Practise as well, but i am so loving what i am doing. I had always wanted to practise from time immemorial and i can say that it's fun especially when you have your mind made up. Yes, there are downsides to Practise, but the benefits far outweigh the burden. And not all Law firms pay peanuts, the are good ones are out there. With your kind of CV, trust me, they'd be looking for you and not the other way round. Just Pray about it and ask God to direct you. You'd be surprised at what would happen. Worry not, dear friend, He's got you covered!


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