Friday, August 5, 2011


I miss a massive number of things but lately, what I’ve found myself missing the most is: BEING A STUDENT! Yes, I miss being a student. I miss the student life, I miss waking up and deciding whether or not to go to class. I miss my student flat, I miss the silly, student things I did e.g. creating a doughnut and Ribena tradition (long story)
I miss the irresponsibility associated with being a student. I was a fully dependent student (thanks daddy) and I only worked cos I felt like it, now, my parents are very gradually extricating themselves from my palaver(as expected) and by next year, they would have fully removed their hand from my life, cos I should be in full time work next year.
I miss course works and examinations being the height of my problems. Now, I’m in the real world and I have real problems. I can’t wake up and decide on a whim that I’m not going to work.
I miss the environment that nurtures and encourages creative thinking, ideas and innovations. This environment has been swapped for one where you just say ‘yes sah!’ and kiss ass, where they ‘have a way we do things here’ even though the way sucks and is not yielding any benefits and there are other, better ways to do things.
I really miss the way I had a brighter outlook to life when I was a student, now my outlook to life is ‘you work, then you die and some little things in between’.
I really miss being a student and if they would let me, I would go to school forever, knowing what I now know.


  1. *sigh* i miss being a student too dear. Growing up is really a trap. The real world really sucks.

  2. Cherry........... I was thinking the same thing last week....... *sighs* those were them days....

  3. Don't remind me that i join the real world in a month. no excuses. Not looking forward to all. I miss secondary school life the most!

  4. well, this is the first time I am leaving a comment on your blog and i think remaining anonymous will just do it for me. Well.....a little hint, i went to law school. go figure. about this, i miss school so much, especially law school. crazy parties and all the rest of the things that went with it. and writing this now, i don't even think i took full advantage of it and if i could rewind the hands of time, i will. a hundred times over.


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