Thursday, August 4, 2011


Starting from the very bottom; I went to 3 primary schools; Richmab, Ibadan, Santa Maria, Western Avenue, Lagos and Fountain Nur/Pry, Surulere, Lagos. I left school at primary 5 and started the tradition of people not going to primary 6 in my house.

I went to 3 secondary schools as well, F.G.G.C Benin, F.G.G.C Shagamu and Our Lady of Apostles Yaba. Don't ask the reason for he drastic change, let's just say my father has no time for olodo children and was quite mean back in the days. But we love him.

I graduated and didn't get into Uni quickly, so instead of sitting around, gathering dust in my father's house, he shipped me off to Ivory Coast to learn french. I went to L'Universite de Cocody, in Abidjan for a few months to learn french. I have a debutant (beginner) certificate in french. I'm not extremely fluent but I try. I have an average, working knowledge of french.

After that, I went to Ogun State University for about a year which consisted mainly of strikes and things but I had fun.

Then I went to Holborn College, London and I obtained a Foundation degree in Law

Then I went to the University of Derby and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Law

Then I went to the University of Bristol and obtained a Masters in Commercial Law

Then I went to the Nigerian Law School and qualified for the Nigerian Bar (so far, this was the most difficult qualification of my entire life and I still can't thank God enough, even though it is almost a year now)

And that's the time line for my education, so far. I still have designs on an MBA or Msc Management and other little professional courses, so this is by no means the end of academics for me.


  1. OhOhOh!!!!!!U went to one my schools and to my sister's school!!!! OMG!!!...
    You have quite an er er er impressive repertoire of atteneded schools. I bet your experiences were just as wonderful.


  2. funny..i went to Our lady of apostles yaba as well...

  3. You are well read, learned person.


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