Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am going to be extremely busy at work today so I decided to do this post early.
This is one day when I don’t have to think long and hard about the things
that just make my skin crawl. I am not happy with the 5 item limitation
though. But it will do. As CE will say “Cherry, you too get rules” I don’t,
really. Some things are really just gross and should not be done. So here
are some of my pet peeves.

  1. Spittle hanging on the corner of people’s mouth when they are talking:
  This grosses me out. Really, what are you saying that is that deep that you
  haven’t taken time to notice that there is a huge wad of saliva
  bungee-jumping off the side of your mouth??? My mother says ‘iro no la ba ni
  ibe’ that means you are probably lying, this one that you can’t take the
  time to quickly dart your tongue out and retract the saliva. As an off-shoot
  of that, people that spit when speaking to people. I accept the occasional,
  one-off spray but when it is every day you ‘water’ me with saliva, please
  let us keep the conversation limited to the phone so you can drench your
  phone and not me. There’s really no need to talk so viciously that you expel

  2.  The word ‘Hubby’ and people that use it. That word irritates me. Is
  ‘husband’ such a task to say that you feel the need to shorten it? ‘My hubby
  and I are in town’. It is even worse when it used in a yoruba sentence ‘emi
  ati hubby mi wa ni Abuja’ Aaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh. I hate it, hate it, hate
  it. All those that use it, should be cornered and given 25 Haddi Lashings.

  3. Lack of phone etiquette: You know the people talking on the phone and
  you can hear them from 10 miles away? Ok, what is up with that? I don’t
  dislike them as much as people that call your phone and say (very rudely
  too) ‘who is this’. Are you kidding me? You freaking called me. I just hang
  up  because the alternative is to say “I will find you and kill you if you
  ever call this phone again”

  4. That one, extra long, pinky finger nail that some very tacky guys
  have. WHAT IS IT FOR? Are you going to turn yourself to a human implement
  like say a screw driver or a knife or a potato peeler? Someone once told me
  that they use it to pick food out of their teeth. Ok Geniuses, that’s why
  cavemen invented the nifty little pack of wood known as toothpicks

  5. Hair on women’s legs: Jehovah Jireh my provider! Women, hair on the
  legs is not a good look except you are a female tuber of yam or a female
  monkey. If you are not,(and especially if you are under 55) throw some Veet on that shit and shave it off. Ditto 'bear-bear', armpit hair and if you are going to the beach/pool and
  wearing a swim suit, vag-hair. If it is not hair that you want to plait or
  put weave-on on, it has to come off.  Let’s keep it neat people.

There’s a lot more. A whole lot more. But I shall rest my case here.


  1. The fingernail thingy is quite annoying and I hear they use it to...(i cant be spilling such nonsense)

    Saliva conference can be disbanned with a little consciousness and a clean handkerchief, I cant be that hard can it?

  2. the 'hubby' thingy also infuriates my soul. i mean wharrahell is 'hubby'?. I have complained about this a lot of times and people say i am hating cos i don't have one. Like seriously???

  3. ah! that finger nail thing irritates me to no end

  4. well, first time I am seeing peeves i am actually guilty of...NO NOT the hanging spittle (actually i think that may be caused by over active salivary glands, bad dentures or dental caries; not an excuse but it makes it a health issue). Also hate long pinky nails on guys Aaargh!!, hate noisy callers

    Hubby - i use hubby. not to my hubby(dont have) but other people's how is your hubby. maybe i need to find out if i have been causing offence.

    Hair on legs - I have decided to rock what God gave me :D. It doesnt look that bad to me at least not hairy babboon proportions. maybe i'll try and get a second opinion....

    Dont hate :D Ginger

    pet peeves - I hate captcha!! and you have it. Have been trying to post this comment for the past 10mins.

  5. Wow!! I hail you on this challenge!! Lol at these! I actually like the word hubby. Hubby hubby hubby :p hehe

    Muse Origins
    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)

  6. I'm back!!!!! I've been dying to respond to these pet peeves comment!
    First of all GINGER!!!!! Take your 25 Haddi Lashing whilst we hold you down and shave those legs! Lol. Adiya, join her as well. Hubby is so infuriating tho.
    @ P.E.T P: I heard that also.....ouch!!!
    And as you said, saliva ( be it a medical condition or otherwise) can be taken care of with a little consciousness. Rule of thumb: if people are looking at the side of your mouth with barely concealed disgust when you speak, please invest in a packet of tissues.

    Thanks for all your comments

  7. CHOI!!! SO I typed a comment here days ago and now I cant find it?...:((


  8. And she has still not removed the captcha. how many lashings for you???

    Ginger..rocking her afro legs like no tomoro

  9. Just got to know about your blog and i'm loving it. I have hairs on my legs and hands. tried shaving them off while in secondary school and it grew back. I'v learnt to love them and just leave them the way they are. :-) Awesome blog you've got and i'm now following.


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