Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm in Lagos visiting my family and today couldn't have been more uneventful. This is one of the most boring days of my entire life. Why wasn't this challenge yesterday when I was at an 'owambe'???? But I committed to the 30 day challenge, so whatever *sighs* I took a leaf outta Laurenta's book (or blog) and I decided to wait till the day was over before doing the post, desperately willing and hoping against hope that something exciting will happen. But guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED. I got excited just now when I heard a funny sound, only to discover it wasn't a funny sound, it was a plane passing. Anyways, accept my meagre offerings.

My day went thus:

• Woke up at 7:12
• Went to church
• Took my mum to the airport
• Got frustrated with my mum at the airport but I still love her
• Experienced Lagos' torrential down pour first hand
•Cooked lunch. Rice, plaintain and fish stew
• Slept for like 2 hours
• Watched 'She's out of my league'
•Did the dishes
•Tidied my room and my wardrobe....extremely messy
•Did family prayers
•About to do my personal prayers
Obviously somewhere in between, I pinged, spoke to my family and friends and did this post.
Tomorrow will be a better day IJN. BTW happy birthday to my darling Lara Oshodi. Lots of love babe. Sleep tight my cherie cocos

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