Thursday, July 14, 2011


Day 1 in the Big Brother House.......5 ways to win my heart. Hmmmmmmmm.......

Ok, so here goes
1. Have Money 2. Have lots of money 3. Have plenty Money 4. Have incredible money 5. Have money ooooo!
I'm just playing......not really.....playing.....seriously

Ok, this is the actual list

1. Have the fear of God: I know a lot of people say this as 'I don't want to look shallow so let me say fear of God before, Tall, Dark and Handsome' but a man really needs to love, fear and obey God. I believe it is the foundation to all things and all reactions you know; the way he loves you his wife, the way he will help to teach your children in the way of the Lord, the way he handles issues in the home amongst others.

2. Be a strong man: This has nothing to do with physical strength(although I'm not against physical strength....) I adore men who know their own minds and have strong convictions. I am a pretty opinionated person and I eat weaklings for breakfast! If you can't stand your ground around me, I will subdue your will and have you wearing a frilly, pink tutu to work. There is obviously a balance to be struck here and a man that knows when to compromise and when not to should just ask me for my ring size right now. We getting married baybay! I think when you know your own mind, confidence just pours out of you and it gives you a presence. There is nothing I love more than 'the presence' it is the Tall, Dark and Handsome of auras. It is a certain je ne sais quoi that is just so attractive.

3. Have Ambition: What drives you? Where are you going with your life? Have a plan, a focus, a goal. Goal oriented people just rub me the right way and challenge me to be better.

4. A fantastic sense of humor: This is pretty much self explanatory: Be funny. I hate dull people. Be able to carry a conversation about wide ranging topics.

5. Be thoughtful: Oh I love a thoughtful man. My friend LM says a man without discretion should be shot. And I agree. I love men that just know what to do and when to do it. I love men that whip out random presents on random days, men who can literally sense what you need and will go out of their way to make it happen. You don't even need money to be thoughtful (well maybe a little bit) Men who call you just to say they are thinking of you (mind you, don't become a freaking stalker, we don't like those)are just so sweet.The examples of being thoughtful are obviously subjective and wide ranging. But a thoughtful man has won at least 25% of my heart without me knowing anything else about him.

That's my top 5. Obviously there is much more but let's go with these for now. A man like this probably exists in the back room of the figment of my imagination.....actually, I KNOW a few men like this. My dad is one. For a man to pry me away from my father, you have to step up to the plate and challenge him in all these things. I love you daddy!!!!. That's all folks!


  1. Sense of humour is important oh, i cant even imagine cracking a joke and having to explain it, huh!

    For me, i'ld say a personal relationship with God, not just a fear of HIM! He should trust HIM for everything and believe the scriptures, then we'll be good to go!

  2. There are men like this. I strongly believe that there are still good men out there.


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