Thursday, February 9, 2017

Galentine's Day

What is up guys?

It's another Thursday and I am still here posting!!!! Somebody shout hallelujah!

It's a few days to valentine's day so I thought why not come on here and talk about...surprise...surprise...valentine's day...well, not exactly.

So, are you having a Val?
Muzzz be naizzzz

This year, I have decided to stop wanting a Valentine and instead BE  a valentine. Weird right? Well, it gets weirder.

I was a huge fan of the show Parks and Recreations starring Amy Poehler who plays the character Leslie Knope.

Leslie Knope pioneered a celebration called "Galentine's day". What is "Galentine's" day, you ask? 

Well, I'll let her tell you herself

Parks and Recreations S2 E16
Now you know what "Galentine's" day is.

To me, this is wisdom.

Looking at my own life, I am surrounded by some of the best girls; my sister, my cousins, my friends, truly some of the most amazing, thoughtful, loyal, smart women out here. Do we always see eye to eye? No. But I am so blessed to have these people in my life and I need to do more to show my appreciation for their friendship. 

So this year, I will be celebrating my girls. Maybe not exactly in Leslie Knope fashion but celebrating nonetheless.

I'm going to make them little gift bags containing silly things just as a token of my love and appreciation for who they are and all they do.

It's going to be extremely budget friendly so if any of my friends are reading this, try not to expect an iPhone in your gift bag.
iPhone ko, themPhone ni
Now, while I appreciate ALL my girlfriends and would love to celebrate the first (of many) Galentine's with them ALL, I'm restricting celebrations to my Abuja friends, specifically friends who are single or whose husbands/significant others are not around to celebrate with them. 

I was going to open this up and do a giveaway of one of the gift bags. But I'm yet to decide what'll go into them. BUT if you'll like to win a gift bag that you don't know what the contents are yet, tell me what your friends mean to you and how they've impacted you. If I get enough comments, I'll pick one and dispatch a gift bag to the lucky (potential) winner. 
The giveaway would naturally be open to Lagos and Abuja entries. If you're outside Abuja, you will have to pick up your gift bag from your nearest motor park, you know how it is *wink*.

Guys are welcome to try too and win something for their boo or friend. 

The giveaway will close on the 11th of February so you can get your gift ahead of "Galentine's" day.

Sooooo....happy "Galentine's" Day and Valentine's Day in advance guys!!!!!


  1. So sweet and thoughtful of you. Now see who's getting soft in their old age?

  2. Yaaaayyy. *Ijo Ope mi reee* Maybe I should do the old Feggo Secret Val too. Cherrywine has been an awesome somebody..

  3. This is such a thoughtful and nice gesture

  4. Aww, this is so cute! As a single pringle myself, I should do something like this.

    I'm outside Lag and Abuja but maybe I can win this for a friend.

    So here goes, My friends are simply put, a blessing. When life knocks me down (as it is wont to do from time to time), they're my happy place. They share my worries (Oh lord, this they soooo do) and help me with anything i need; a smile, a hug, vodka or proofreading lol. They're also resourceful and they generally make my life way easier.

    As for how they've impacted me, they have shown me to be open-minded (seeing as how I met the crop of friends I'm referring to in this post is pretty erm interesting). So yea, they've basically show me (over and over) what love means

  5. I want one o. I'm seriously interested

    My friends are the reason I have improved in several areas of my life. They have brought a balance to my originally skewed life. Without my friends, my life would be bland and monotonous, and during my periods of hopelessness and despair, I might not genuinely interested people to pull me back up.


  6. This is totally nice and selfless as you think me...God bless you and may the reward of doing something so great be yours. Amin.

    What my friends mean to me and how they impact me is simply...What and who I am today...thank you.

  7. Thank you , thank you , thank you ! Can't stop cheesing....

  8. Meeting people is a hobby. I learnt to choose the multitude who my friends are. I love my friends cos they know when I need space, defend me to death no matter the shit. I appreciate the grace of friendship. Thank You Baba God.


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