Thursday, January 26, 2017

Words I Live By

What is good peoples????

You know what time it is.....

It is Thursday Post Day!!!!!

EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy to be on some kind of roll. I pray I keep up the pace and not breakdown somewhere along the line during  the course of the year. Pray with me o.

So today, I want to share with you some of the words I live by. So let's get into it.

1. "Let the peace in your heart decide with finality, every question that arises in your mind" - Joyce Meyer.

This is a relative new comer. I would say I just discovered Joyce Meyer even though my mum has been an avid fan for years. Recently, I've gone back to praying and seeking God. I've had some decisions to make and I would just talk to God about them. Someone asked something of me and I said I'd pray about it and he messaged me the next day asking if God told me not to do the stuff. That made me laugh. The way people act like this is some amadioha P, where I speak into cowries and some disembodied voice says "go. forth. my. daughter. do. it" is patently funny.
A lot of the responses I have started to give to people and situations are weighed against the peace I feel in my heart towards doing and/or saying things Sometimes, I ignore the lack of peace and do and/or say things I shouldn't anyway then it goes awry or I just feel my peace has gone from me or something. So I am learning everyday to be guided by peace.

2. "Measure twice, cut once" -English proverb

My first introduction to this proverb was the Yiddish variant which states that "it is better to measure a thing ten times and cut once than it is to measure once and cut ten times".
My interpretation of both proverbs as they apply to my life is this: reasoning things out soundly, weighing all options and possible outcomes as well as careful planning are important in running one's life. Does it leave a lot of room for spontaneity?Maybe not. But they are great words to live by. I'm always guided by the fact that it is not how soon but how well. In my job, from time to time, I have to provide opinions on things. I NEVER do 'first to finish'. I strive for well written, well reasoned and air tight arguments because I have seen where 'first to finish' and the failure to really think things through  have landed people in hot soup . That's just an example of how I'm guided by these words in living my day to day life.

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3. "Whatever you do to your face, do to your neck." - Linda M. Ogun House, F.G.G.C. Sagamu.

No joke, I swear by this one.

It was during JSSCE extension classes  (shalla my Sagamu girls) that Linda M. dropped this gem. Her mum had told her that whatever you do to your face, you must of necessity, do to your neck. My mind was blown at how much sense that made. This has to be my longest serving words to live by. I've done this for twenty something odd years! My face cream is applied on my face and neck. My face wash is applied on my face and neck. My foundation is applied to my face and neck. My makeup is taken off my face and neck. Anything going on my face will be put on my neck.  I'm still baffled when I see grown wimens going about like this here picture. I'm like where is Linda M. to educate? How are you Coke and Fanta and it is 2017, my sister???? How???? I have Linda M. and her wise mother to thank for not going about looking like a crazy person in the last twenty something odd years. I wonder where Linda M. is these days. Ogun girls from the 2000 set, any idea?

4. "Wear a least you'll be dressed" - Marc Jacobs

First off, I love a man that lives by his own words to live by. Lol.

Ok, ignore Marc Jacobs in that hot pink travesty as we move.

Marc Jacobs was asked in an interview some years ago about what his favourite piece of clothing was and he responded that he did not know...maybe a dress. When asked to clarify, he said to wear a dress, at least you'll be dressed. Fam! I'm like you are so right my dude! All this nonsense skirt/pants and top parole is a pure waste of someone's money. Since then, I've tried to get my dress game up. I can't tell you how much stress I've been saved by owning dresses. Anytime I have to wear a two piece that is not a suit, I am stressed. I have to look at tops then bottoms that match the tops. I'm always like "but Marc told you...this is what you get when you ignore Marc". So if you ever feel like buying me a clothing item, just do like Marc said and I will be delighted.

5. "Waste not, want not" - Late Mrs. Olateru-Olagbegi
Now, I KNOW she didn't invent the saying, but I learnt it from her. She was my first boyfriend's mum and she would often say this in relation to food. My mum had hers too, to wit; "there are hungry children in Somalia".
Over the years, I have adapted this saying to apply to more than food. I find it nigh impossible to throw things away. I always think there can be a secondary use for them and I'm always pleased when I am indeed able to find such secondary uses. However, I want to be careful not to end up on an episode of Hoarders with my children wailing bitterly as they uncover their first ever burp bibs,racks and racks of expired cereals and the carcasses of dead animals and deciding to stage a Hoarders intervention (these are actual things that have been found in people's homes on that show...except the Bibs, I'm not sure of that. So disgusting!). All of that won't be necessary. So I try to do a purge where I give things out as often as I can.
 I try not to waste food too but I'm not very good with that. I'm used to cooking for one so when I overcook and it goes into the fridge, it just loses taste for me and I feel like I have no option than to toss it. I'm trying to get better at "using eye" to "gauge" food for multiple persons sha. But every time I have to throw food away, the words of the two women stated above never fail to ring in my ear. I do it shame faced, looking around furtively as if they may catch me doing the dastardly deed.

These are some of the words I live by. Hope you enjoyed them and getting to know me a bit more as a person by knowing what enforces some of my actions.

Do share your own words to live by in the comments. Enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely weekend.



  1. Amadioha P. haha that made me laugh

  2. I can testify to you tossing food. You did it right in front of my koro koro eyes, lol.


  3. Girl Girl Girl!!! First off let me start by saying i totally agree with you and Linda's mum on that neck i even put foundation on my ear becos i want EVERYTHING to blend together..Blending is key...

    For Words i live by:
    'No one makes you angry, you only choose to respond with anger'-Joyce Meyer

    So before i get angry over something i first ask myself 'why are you upset'? and if i have to address whatever the issue is i do. However, i always tend to walk away from things that upset me for a while before coming back to speak about them because in the past i have spoken out of anger words i could never take back.

    'if it doesn't give you peace then let it go'......if i don't find comfort in something i am about to do or take part in..well goodbye..i like my sleep and i'm not about to loose it over anything or anyone.

    The second one i cannot remember where i heard it from. These two words have bin my mantra this new year becos i cannot come and kee myself.
    The words you live by are very interesting i think i might adapt one of two *wink wink*

  4. Lmaoo @Linda M. Genius mommy. So words I live by huh, let me share a couple

    1. If u can laugh at it, u can live with it.

    2. Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here, we should dance (i think i got this one from a Mario Puzo book)


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