Friday, November 15, 2013

The Harassment Chronicles 6

*In direct defiance of Toin and the bodily harm she threatened, here's the penultimate chapter in the series. Enjoy*

Shortly after the Dubai Fiasco, I was confirmed at the Bank. RIO had stopped calling, texting and stalking me for almost one month. I felt my declaration had worked and he had mulled over what I said and got some home truths. Things were finally on the up and up.

But I guess I relaxed too soon.

It was a Wednesday morning at about 10:00 a.m. when RIO sent a bank-wide memo. Nancy was the first to ping me

"Babe, have you seen RIO's memo?" I sighed and replied that I had.

"I thought you said you gave him a piece of your mind last month, why is he still doing this?This is getting out of hand o. My dear I don't envy you o".

I didn't envy me either.

 The Bank was planning a Management Retreat and RIO's memo was to inform all that he was the Chairperson of the retreat planning committee. The memo had the names and roles of other persons co-opted into the committee and listed me as the Secretary. To this end, I was to meet with him at 2 p.m. to set the agenda for the inaugural meeting towards dispatching same.

I actually had people congratulating me for being such a wave maker that RIO wanted to work with me personally. They all predicted a long and illustrious career at the bank as I had not only managed to garner the attention of upper management, RIO had taken personal notice of me. For most, it was the only valid confirmation and recommendation in Cityfields. I was numb to their praises. Though I did my job well and under normal circumstances, this should be a great honour,  I knew this was RIO once more demonstrating his power. He was showing me that as far as Cityfields was concerned, he was my lord and master and I could run but I could not hide.

At 2 p.m. I steeled myself and walked into his office. He rose from his bureau, walking towards his sofa area.

"Ah IB, I see you got my memo" Well, why else would I be here? He was clearly up to no good but I decided not to descend into the arena with him

"Yes sir. Shall we begin?" I replied, my pen poised over my note pad

"Ah ah, you are all business today o. At least sit down" he said patting the sofa nearest to the one he had sunk into.

" Thank you sir, I'm fine sir. So... the agenda?" I said bringing it back to the task at hand. I had noted his tone and demeanour. He looked like a cat who just got the cream. This holding my job and/or future jobs over my head was his trump card, so he felt he was winning. He tapped his fat lower lip meaningfully and then said

"IB, I think we both know anything I say goes at that meeting. This agenda business is just a formality"

I was looking at him expectantly,  waiting for his directions so I could take dictations

"We both know why you are here". 

"Yes sir, to discuss the agenda"

"Come off it!!!" he scoffed "This meeting we are having is a chance for you to redeem yourself after the tantrum you threw the last time you were here. So what do you have to say for yourself?"

I didn't respond. I just kept looking at him.

"Cat got your tongue, abi? Well IB, I was working with the premise that said you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I have tried the honey with you and you spoilt it with your childish and immature behaviour. It is now time to switch to vinegar".

I still did not reply him

"Still no response? You see, IB, I have actually enjoyed your little games. I quite enjoyed chasing you. But it is now time to play ball. What you don't understand is that I have purposed in my heart to have you and I will. So let us put this issue to rest so we can move on with both our lives"

"Sir, this is certainly beyond the bounds of civility and propriety. This...." he cut into my venting with a loud laugh

"Civility and propriety????? My dear, I wrote the rules on what is proper, appropriate and inappropriate in this bank and I can bend them to suit my desires. Therefore, wanting you has now become appropriate, fit and proper!!!!!"

He rose from his seat, sauntered towards me and made to grab me. Instinctively, I shoved him hard in his chest as he moved towards me, my pad and pen clattering to the ground as he fell backwards. I didn't wait to see if he fell to the floor or to the sofa as I turned and fled.

This was it!

I was probably going to be forcibly ejected from the office on some cooked up allegations, either way, I knew time was now running against me.

I smiled to myself as I marched briskly down the corridor.

I took out the iphone from the pocket of my trousers, running my fingers across ace in a hole!

To be continued


  1. By God's grace, you'll make heaven o! You won't be denied on the account of these teasing and suspense you keep doing. God dey!

  2. oya gba applause #claps, hehehe, amazing twist, annoying suspense.... :p

  3. Lol Honeydame, it has arrived that stage?
    Erm Cherrywine, please don't let us fall off our seats - we are way past the edge of our seats now. Part 7!! I hope it ends on a good note, as in everything just returns to normal miraculously.

  4. Hahaha @ HoneyDame!

    Gosh, can't wait for Pt 7, although in a weird way I don't even want the the series to end yet...

  5. I second HoneyDame's prayer! WHy so mean though~

  6. I'm holding my breath......

  7. As I said, I would have quit months ago, God forbid this man now turns this around and says I made advances and stuff. And what if he claims the phone was a fabrication? That would be a lot worse if I just quit. I would rather be poor and jobless than live in fear and put my life at risk

    But that's just silly old naive me.

  8. LOL@ HoneyDame..
    But this RIO is out of his mind oh!!! Does this really happen?!! Lord have mercy! See oppression!


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