Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Elevens

I got tagged to do the Elevens by my darling Toinlicious. I'm super stoked. She's awesome. All of you sneaking on here reading but not following and all those who actually follow, please check out her blog, she's awesomesauce.

1. Post the rules
2.Post 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions posed by your 'tagger'
4.Create 11 questions of your own
5.Tag 11 people with your questions
6. Don't tag the one who tagged you.
7.Let the tagger know you've answered their questions.

*If I tag you, them's the rules

11 Random Facts About Me
  1. I  am 5’0  
  2. I am a chronic but recovering nail biter (oh yes, face is firmly covered in shame)
  3. I have a LOT of handbags. I am a bag freak. Gimme a bag and I am happy to walk around naked with the bag. Bags are my accessory of choice.
  4. I wish I could go back to University. I would do it all so very differently. I will be a lot more social and date white boys. Lol.
  5. I have never seen Mary Poppins
  6. I was Home Economics prefect in Secondary School. I know, what a useless post. My mates were getting Head Girl, but my longer throat and FFO tendencies recommended me for the job.
  7. I bought vip tickets for £60 to go and see BBD in America once. 'Who is BBD?' Exactly! My entire family were on the verge of committing me to an asylum because....who listens to BBD in this day and age???? Well, I do.
  8. I am unbelievably grumpy in the mornings. I don’t speak to people and I will thank them not to speak to me. I can’t stand chipper people in the morning!!!!They make me sick. Why so happy and singing about like a retard?
  9.  I am gradually becoming a hermit.....bring on the 80 cats that may eat my face off when I die!
  10. I have an aso-ebi fetish. I love buying aso-ebi. If i meet you today and you’re getting married tomorrow, I’m buying that aso-ebi. Provided it is not a retarded sum like 100,000. Only ‘best friends for life’ can do that to me and even then, they must name their first 2 children after me to get such an amount off me. It just makes my life so easy. I don’t have to wonder about what I’m wearing to that wedding. I just have to pick a style. Easy peasy.
  11. I will do anything for chapman and cake! Judge me all you want. Don’t care. Just kidding about the ‘do anything’. Let me rephrase: I will do almost anything for chapman and cake. Oh and crab too (not the disease variety, I meant the fresh water crustacean variety)

     Toinlicious' Questions

  1. What’s the one question you would ask God if you could: The bible says in the beginning, the world was without form and void. What created the ‘without form and void’? How did nothingness exist and was it there before God?
  2. What’s your most embarrassing moment: I have a phobia for outside toilets, so one day, I went to the saloon and held my pee for a seriously long time and when I finally made it to the toilet, I didn’t make it to the bowl, I literally peed on myself. What was sad was, when it started coming down, I just stood there and gave up! Oh the shame!!!
  3. If you could change one thing in the world now what will it be: The existence of many a mindless reality tv shows specifically anything involving any of the Kardashians, Coco and Ice fact, I would eradicate (or should that be exterminate?)E! as a whole and move fashion police to a sane channel
  4. If you could say one thing to the current pope what would it be: Sir, is it drafty under that dress?
  5. What’s the one thing you wish you could ‘un-invent’ right now and why: Bombs well, more like the ability to put together bombs as anything can be turned into an explosive device these days. Bombs are tools for the battle field and they have found their way into the hands of ignorant bastards who have caused are still causing grief all over Nigeria. Fire burn them!!!!!
  6. What’s the most terrifying moment of your life: When my dad got shot 16 years ago
  7. If you were to be recognized by posterity for one thing what would you like to be known for: I would like to be remembered as someone who was renowned for her impeccable manners. Manners and courtesy are sorely lacking in our society these days
  8. What color best describes you? Seriously Toinlicious? Seriously? Well all the colours of the rainbow, cos they are pretty and they are a wonder. Just like me ;)
  9. If you could commit one crime and wouldn't be caught, what crime would you commit: Cyber theft. Specifically on the ASOS and Net-a-porter sites. Two things: 1. I’m a bit of a wimp, I couldn't look someone in the eyes and divest them of something they own or just harm them in any way and 2. Loves me some cyber swag.
  10. If you had to name one lesson of love that took you longest to learn, what would it be and why: God’s will must take place no matter how we humans try to circumvent it or hope He will see things our way. I got into a relationship that I knew God didn't want me to go into. I knew it, He knew I knew it but I did it anyways and I got burnt.
  11. If you could be guaranteed one thing besides money, what would you want: Perfect health; not even a slight headache ever and ever again. I hate being sick :(
    My Questions
  1. What is the one thing that frightens you the most?
  2. What song would you describe as your ‘theme song’ ie a song that best describes you or how you feel about yourself or certain issues?       
  3. Kim Kardashian,  the entire Jersey shore cast ( if they were formed into one body with a medusa head of all the cast members)  and Nene Leakes; if you had one bullet, who would you shoot?
  4. What was the last most outrageous purchase you made?
  5.   Is it best to have loved and lost or is it best to not love at all giving the possibility of heart break? Give reasons. (P:S: No BS sappy and generic answers too)
  6.  Tattoos or piercings. Which do you prefer and why? (‘neither’ is not an answer)
  7. Who do you love the most, your brother or your boyfriend? (If married, replace with husband) Give reasons
  8. Is revenge ever justified? Give reasons
  9. Is religion an important consideration in a relationship? Give reasons
  10. If you were president for a day, what is the first thing you would do?
  11. What is your first memory of being aware of/attracted to someone of the opposite sex?
            I hereby tag the following awesome persons:
                      Coy Introvert
                      Lady Ngo
                     Sisi Yemmie


  1. No, I know you better. You are shorter than me sef.

    Your embarrassing moment is funny sha, but it can happen to anyone

    You know I have apologised in advance, for the tags I won't bew doing. Read my most recent post for the apology

    1. That's fine @ilola, thank you for stopping by and letting me know. I was wondering, where can I get paper back copies of your book? I tried to email you but it bounced back. I want to do my first giveaway on this blog in time for my birthday (next saturday) So pls let me know asap. I will put this on your blog as well, in case you don't come back here

  2. haha, your embarrassing moment, i can totally relate

  3. and she tagged me too.......*faints*
    i love your eleven things. lol @ no 10

  4. Oh lawd, that your embarrassing moment, i can just imagine.smh

    I kinda figured you'll be about 5"4 though and i am not surprised about the rainbow describing you. You sound like a bubbly/vivacious person.

    Amen to the fire-burning prayer!

    I'm with you on your 8, 9 & 11 random things...well, minus the chapman. I enjoyed this :)

  5. @ Laurenta: *Still covering face in shame*
    @Luciano: *now sprinkling water on your face to revive you* Biko, do the tag so I can read.
    @Toinlicious: hehe. I'm one inch short of being a kukute. Lol. thanks for the tag. I enjoyed doing it.

    Thank you all for stopping by

  6. Hiya, please, gimme your email address.

    Or you can reach me on or One or both of them should go through this time

  7. haha...another bag addict...i just love you already...It was one of my things about me on my elevens post too..!
    first time here and yea @peeing on urself..

  8. Hahahahahhahahaha, love your posts and i totally feel you on the aso-ebi matter. I don't mind ankara but then again I am not big on weddings. I try to avoid weddings if i can. I am the last person I want to be seen at social functions. Chei

  9. loll love this post.. going back to school and dating white boy..loll. being a bag addict thats my bags. in fact i make handbags.

  10. Heya, not beem getting your replies to my mails. Can you please, check your mail now? Thanks

  11. Chai I still owe you a post and I'm done with it sef, just to post it.
    When I saw ur height I started screaming and dancing oh, this race does not involve just me chai. God is good :p
    Your phobia and the incident lmao are u kidding. I'm also grumpy in the morning but e don reduce small sha.

    1. Cherry cherry, I've answered your questions ehh, a post just for you. see link

  12. Cherrykoko will not kill me. ya peed on yourself. ha! i can imagine the relief and the shame! how you come comot?

    wetin Kim do you! haha cosigning shaa. That family annoys the heck outta me.

  13. I used to love BBD in them days shaa but pay 60 pouns to watch em? Mba
    "Poison dont be cool its my prerogative to do what i gotta do, have a little sensitivity blah blah

  14. @Ginger: I 'slunk' out in shame, ran to the tram stop and stood all the way to my destination and I never spoke about it (except to my mother) until now. Disturbing memory. Lol. You being a BBD fan has just made me love you a bit more. NO-ONE knows what I'm talking about when I say BBD until I sing Poison and that's torture for me and them cos I can't sing.

    @Coy: yay! Now heading over to your blog

    @Dammy Jewel and Ibifiri Kamson: I just love bag people. They totally get me

    @ Mamuje: Lol. I can almost imagine you holding on to the walls of an event center for dear life. Lol.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by.

  15. Interesting list
    I enjoyed reading the 11 things about you.

    LOL@ your embarrassing moment.

  16. ROTFLMAO! Why I am just seeing this, I dont know! So u bite ur nail, ehn?*raised eyebrow* deeeti geh!
    After reading ur responses and all,
    I sooooo love u!


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