Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Sorry for the late posting people. I've been finishing a report sent from the pit of hell to torment me. Thank God it is done.
So, onto today's challenge then.

I'm the original worrywart so I have a hundred- thousand- million worries. I worry about everything from getting married to Nigeria's unity. But I guess my biggest fear is not being successful. Not necessarily 'money success' though I have nothing against that. Success to me is fulfilling destiny. I want to be successful in life, in marriage, in raising a Godly family, in my chosen career cos I love what I do. I want the fulfilment my parents have from doing the things they love, only, I want to do it better than they did.
My biggest fear is being unsuccessful; being unable to succeed in those little things that make life worthwhile. I've see how being unsuccessful can lead to frustration and a wasted life and this scares me.
BUT, I have learnt to put all my trust in Him who makes all things beautiful in His own time. I am assured of an excellent life. So it is not really 'a' fear if I know it is well, is it?

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